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1. Will you run to the store or to pick up a kid looking a mess? I don’t have any kids to pick up, but I have left the house looking a mess, sort of….if I am just going one place real quick and right back and my hair is a mess, I will throw it into a ponytail and just throw something on, even if it’s a bit wrinkly and go…I’m not that high maintenance…

2. Do you finish a book if it’s boring or you don’t like it? I have pushed through many books that were hard to get into it, made it to the end and been happy that I pushed through, but then again, I have been utterly disappointed in some books I forced myself through…like “The Scarlet Letter”…I just really try to give things a chance, but I have a few times in my life just put down a book after so many pages and been like, forget it! Just not my thing….I actually did this the other day with a free Kindle book, after reading a little bit into it, I was just bored so I told myself I wasn’t going to waste my time.

3. Beach or mountain vacations? I have only been to the beach once in my life, really…and not sure if I have ever really been to “the mountains” so I don’t know….I kind of would love to go on a mountain vacation…mountains just seem so beautiful!

4. What thing/event says “winter will end and spring is right around the corner” to you? Well, definitely NOT our weather lately…it already feels like it’s been spring for 2 months and soon to be summer! UGH! When you start seeing signs for Easter and more white clothing and shoes at the stores, you know Spring is definitely here!

5. Would you prefer couples or family vacation? I would love to do a vacation with some of my extended family and also I would love to do one when I have a kid or kids someday….I would also love a couples vacation…I don’t know which one to pick, I don’t really HAVE a preference, honestly

Every year of my life, St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, and I have questioned why we wear green and why do we pinch someone NOT wearing green, but I have never really looked into WHY. Today, I decided to research the background and found some very interesting insight into this holiday.

It turns out that EVERYONE wearing green is a very American thing, indeed. People in Ireland, where this holiday originated, wear green, but some people also wear orange. Why? Well, The Republic of Ireland colors are green, white and orange. The Green represents the Catholic side of Ireland while the orange represents the Protestant side. The white in between the colors represents the unity between the two religions. Therefore, in Ireland, only Catholics wear green on St. Patrick’s Day, while Protestants wear orange.

And as for the pinching, it turns out that this represents part of the violence shown towards those in Ireland who wore orange on St. Patrick’s Day. Somehow, this all led to everyone in America wearing green to avoid getting pinched! I, for one, can understand that logic. I remember kids pinching each other for not wearing green, some to the point of violently pinching so as to make the other kid cry. I always thought this was semi-hypocritical that we were told 364 days out of the year to NOT pinch but somehow on a HOLIDAY, of all days, it was OK if the other person was not wearing green.

I remember getting pinched several times myself and telling my mom about it and she said, I shouldn’t get pinched because I have green eyes. I thought this was the most clever thing until I tried saying this and kids seemed to think it didn’t count! Well, why ever not? Don’t green eyes speak of an Irish heritage in the blood lines? I mean, I do have a bit in my blood and I had red-strawberry blonde hair at my birth! Granted, I was also born with blue eyes but they were blue eyes that changed from green to blue constantly until they were green with a blue halo around the pupil. Now they are just simply pure green about 99% of the time. I WOULD say 100% but on rare occasions, people look at my eyes and mistake them for blue. This always makes me raise an eyebrow and wonder what the heck?!

I told my husband yesterday he could not pinch me because of my green eyes and he also said they didn’t count. BUT, I find a strong argument against this due to living in 2012, when people can WEAR contacts that change the color of their eyes! If someone is wearing green contacts, wouldn’t you say that counted? They are wearing something! Now, I do wear contacts, but only for sight purposes, not to change the color of my eyes, but I do sort of wear my eyes, don’t I? I mean, I take them everywhere with me. I literally can’t leave home without them…Beat that, MasterCard or American Express, whichever one it is with THAT saying! I have left home without my driver’s license, purse, house keys before, but never my eyes!

So….I decided to ask the Internet Gods or rather, Google, for their opinion on green eyes counting as wearing green. AND, I must report that a lot of what I found online were people that disagreed with my opinion. UGH! Most people seem to have the opinion that it has to be something you PUT on for that day. But then a green tattoo seems to count. I don’t necessarily agree with that. Maybe if you just got the tattoo recently then, but if you have had the tattoo for years, how are you putting it on for that day? That seems unfair to count an old tattoo as being exempt every year but not the eyes. For me, green eyes do count and will always count but it IS fun to wear a little green too.

Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day? If you do, do you think pinching can be taken TOO far by people sometimes?

And, a poll for everyone to answer, please:

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