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On to the questions!

1. Where is your favorite vacation spot and why? I haven’t really vacationed in THAT many places….so I guess I would say Austin, which is also my hometown. I just love being in the city I was born and raised in!
2. What is your biggest guilty pleasure? Probably some of the reality shows I like to watch such as Bad Girls Club and Dance Moms…sorry, there’s just something about them…yet I hate Jersey Shore! LOL
3. What is your favorite fashion trend right now? Or, in the past? I’m not that BIG into what’s in or out of fashion, I just wear what I can fit that it’s comfortable and that I like…One thing I wish would come back is platform shoes, like the sandals that had even platform bottoms. I can’t wear heels because of my ankle and wedges have a platform but it’s skinnier than the part you put your foot in so I feel like I’m going to twist my ankles. Platforms were my best friend in shoes…you had the height without the wobble!
4. What are your spring break plans? I don’t really have any….
5. What baby names do you hate? I’m not a fan of common, overly used names, I tend to like more unique names that you don’t hear everyday, but at the same time, not too crazy….Moon and Apple, etc., NOT baby names if you ask me, those are objects!
I also don’t like names that make me envision something gross, like Mildred or Angus, etc., no offense if you have those names…
*Since I missed a few of these, I will probably do a make-up post sometime to answer the few weeks worth I missed. It will be like a SUPER Five Question Make-up*
Spring means Spring Forward with Daylight Savings Time soon, ugh! Have fun!
-TheRealSharon 😉


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