As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

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On to the questions!

1. What have you done recently that you are proud of? I guess the fact that I have actually been drinking a lot more water

2. What is your favorite way to work out? Or if you don’t workout, what are you wanting to try? I’m not a fan of working out, but I like to dance…I’m wanting to start using my Zumba game and Just Dance game on the Wii to work out with..

3. If you knew your best friend was cheating on spouse would you tell? Luckily, this has never occurred so I didn’t have to test it….It would be hard for me to betray a best friend like this, but I definitely would try to talk my best friend into telling his or her spouse on their own and being open and honest with them. I think it’s better for a person to be upfront and honest then to lie and then the person finds out through someone else. I would tell my best friend that I didn’t agree with what they were doing and I think if it continued for very long, I probably WOULD warn my best friend that I was going to have to say something….maybe do an intervention…

4. If you could afford a live-in maid or nanny, would you have one?
Heck yea, I would! I don’t need the nanny yet, but I would LOVE a maid to clean up after my messy man! LOL
5. Do you stress out about birthdays (specifically the age) or do you enjoy them? I have done a little of both in the past, especially as I turned 26 and saw I was getting closer to 30, but now I have resigned myself to the inevitable and try to be just grateful that I have even lived this long, because I have known many people that haven’t made it to my age. That alone should make me appreciate my age. 🙂

And, a bonus question…answer at your own risk, or not at all! (Or something…)

Bonus: Lights off or on? Judging by the comment before this, I am assuming this is referring to a naughty activity….I don’t mind answering simply  that I have no preference with the lights….;) but that’s all I’m saying…..


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