Month one’s goal was slow in getting started, but I am now happy to report that I have been drinking a LOT more water in the past week. I intend to keep it up and even increase it throughout the rest of this year.
I’ve been struggling to pick month two’s goal, but have finally decided on what it will be. This month I want to make a strong effort on working on my depression and coping skills. I think I have been putting this on the back burner and letting other things become much more important than my mental health and I want to make THIS my focus for the month instead of just something I worry about later. For me, this means actually scheduling some counseling, reading up on coping techniques and actively making it a point to relearn how I handle conflict and stress.
I don’t expect many others to probably share this specific goal with me, but I think learning to handle my depression in a mature and more effective way is what I have to do before I can work on other goals I have. It’s surprising what you are capable of doing if you can rise above your depression and not let it control you.
Here’s hoping I have good luck especially with this goal!


  1. Sharon…I’m so glad I stopped by tonight. I was actually planning on just shutting down the computer in order to get to bed at a reasonable time…for once in a very long while. 🙂
    However, I saw your post in my inbox…and at first I passed it by, thinking I would read it tomorrow. But then I started deleting some of the emails above yours (that I knew I didn’t want to read) and yours popped up again. So I knew I had to read it tonight!

    I love your Month 1 goal of drinking more water…I put that on my “New Year’s resolutions” list EVERY year…water is so cheap…and so important…and most of us are so dehydrated because we don’t drink enough…it is good for EVERYTHING…definitely makes you feel better when you are drinking enough. So thank you for the reminder!

    I also love your Month 2 goal…half the battle is realizing that you are not where you want to be in your state of mind…lots of people are depressed…but many just plod along, thinking they have to feel this way. I am so proud of you…and I will be rooting for you this month.

    I will try to be better about stopping by and reading and commenting…you’ve been so faithful reading my blog and “liking” it often. It’s good to connect again. 🙂


    1. I will be finding out next week if I am diabetic, hypoglycemic, or neither. I really hope I am neither, but I definitely am dealing with high blood pressure, which is scary to deal with at only 28. I was told drinking more water and less caffeine would help some, along with other things. This is why I really was pushed to try to start making some changes. In the past when I tell myself I am going to have LESS of something or NONE, it seems to never work. I figured maybe if I start from the opposite approach and incorporate MORE of something, then I will gradually get where I drink LESS caffeine. I don’t see myself necessarily quitting caffeine completely yet, but if I can keep decreasing like I have been where I only drink 1 to 2 cans of soda a day and the rest is water, I think it should start making some difference.
      There are other health changes I need, but I have seen that my depression is making it hard to make a goal with food and exercise changes. My depression makes it pretty much impossible to stick with that, because I have lost hope when it comes to my weight. I really want to work on handling my depression and learning how to work through it so it will stop controlling my life.


  2. i like your two month goal, and i love that you’re recognizing what’s been going on. remember my suggestion? meet me somewhere ONCE a week, for coffee or mountain dew or whatever. All you have to do is get back out there, and it’s gonna be resolved. Been there, done that, and i KNOW you are strong enough to get past it. Love you!!


    1. I HAVE been getting out more, but not necessarily for fun things. I have to go back Monday maybe sometime to see blood work results that I had taken Wednesday and Chad’s mom may have to have her knee surgery redone again if they still find infection in it. 😦


  3. Depression is so hard to live with, taking the first steps to tackling is brave and worthy. Counselling should help, but don’t get discouraged to find it a slow process. But baby steps get there if you keep taking them. Learning more should help too, as what we understand better we fear less. If you need antidepressants they can be a big help, but finding the right one can be a challenge. Positive self talk helps. I beat myself up far too much, which makes my stress and anxiety condition worse, it’s really hard to learn not to do it! It also helps to always keep love to the forefront of your mind. God loves you, your family and friends love you, and you love them too. It can be a source of great strength. Perfect love drives out fear. Keep us posted and we can cheer you on too 🙂 Keep strong xx


    1. I have been told it will be a slow process and I expect nothing less. I just want to take more of a step towards controlling my depression this month. I have been depressed for almost a decade now and I have never figured out how to completely control it where it doesn’t creep back in the picture and control me….:(
      I FINALLY went to see a new doctor who put me on a new depression pill and he is willing to try others, if need be, but the medicine can only do so much. When it comes down to it, I HAVE to be honest and get down to what things are in my past that are a brick wall for me and tried to work through them and learn better coping skills….


  4. Good for you to not just recognize the beast but take it by the horns. Depression, especially long-term, doesn’t go away quickly and without a lot of help. Meds help but so does counseling too, and support. Remember, misery loves company so you may have to make some hard decisions about people who’ve been hanging out with if they don’t like to see you make efforts on getting better.


    1. Most of the people I surround myself with are really supportive, so I’m lucky there. I’m just ready to take control of it for once and put my focus totally on working towards making the first steps. I’ve heard the first steps are the hardest, so hopefully once I am able to do those, I can keep it up! 🙂
      I hope your husband is doing better!


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