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{January 17, 2012}   Sometimes you got to take…

A blogging hiatus. I didn’t expect to take one so soon after posting about it being so hard to NOT blog, but nevertheless, I did. The past two days I haven’t blogged due to just plain NOT feeling up to it and I could have posted a little tiny bit of nonsense just to make myself not feel guilty, BUT I decided against it. I would rather miss a day or two, if need be, then take up a post with “filler” material just to keep away the guilty feelings.

The truth is, I DO feel guilty for missing two days. At the same time, I think I deserved to take a short hiatus, just as everyone deserves to now and then. The idea of missing today too, just made me feel as if I was giving up on my blog, though. And that’s the last thing I want. So I decided to get myself to the computer and blog today!

It seems strange to switch to a completely different topic now, so I will just stay with the topic of my blog. I’m keeping WWW Wednesdays and Five Question Fridays because I love doing those, but should I keep my Mirthful Monday? And if I do, should I change anything about it? I love having different themes and sharing jokes, cartoons, quotes, etc. that I find to fit the themes, but I wonder lately if I should add some diversity. Say, for instance, maybe share a personal story that made me happy or a story I read somewhere that made me happy? Share GOOD news from the world instead of the bad news that seems to fill the media more and more these days? And have the jokes and quotes every once in awhile too?

Or should I make Mirthful Monday a shared thing where I have a different topic or theme every week and everyone that chooses to join in has to find something happy to share that matches that topic? What do my followers think? I would love to hear some feedback.

For now, I will leave this post with those thoughts in mind.



I have to take breaks simply because I’m just too darn busy! School sucks up all the time. I can’t believe how much homework there is for kindergarten and 2nd grade! When they are at school, I’m preparing for when they get home. When they get home, I’m doing “tudor” type stuff. It seriously takes 2 hours plus an/evening! On top of all that, my husband expects me to find a full time job! I’m going crazy trying to do it all…it’s not lack of material to blog about…it’s I don’t have time! 😦 I have basically no “me” time what-so-ever.

However, when I was blogging more, you do need to take breaks here and there to recharge…live life…so that you can have something to blog about! 🙂

So you are forgiven- it’s to be expected and we all do it!

what have you missed? It’s my blog’s 1 year anniversary. Feel free to drop on in…

Lake Forest, CA USA

Happy 1 year anniversary! Are you participating in the Stop Censorship Act on WordPress? I will be blacked out tomorrow in protest of a new Internet Censorship bill being voted on next week that, if passed, could make our blogs blacked out permanently! 😦

knotrune says:

You shouldn’t feel guilty at missing a little 🙂 I missed several months… and I did feel a bit guilty, but I needed a break.

The Hook says:

Sometimes you have to walk away to recharge – and live the rest of your life!

Paula says:

It’s definitely okay to break when you need to, you don’t want blogging to begin feeling like a chore. I enjoy your Mirthful Mondays so I hope that you keep them. 🙂 You could do a combination of all the ideas you mentioned to keep it fresh for you and your readers.

I think I’m going to try to do a combo! 🙂

I kind of thought it was funny that this came right after “So hard not to post now” 😉

But in seriousness, and to repeat a bunch of people before me, you should not feel guilty for taking a few days off! And it is *not* giving up on your blog! Hell, sometimes I go a week without posting, but I never think it’s giving up on my blog . . . sometimes you just need a . . . break 🙂

And I love Mirthful Mondays, so I hope you keep them! I read usually read your posts on my phone through my email . . . and I always crack up and have to pass my phone over to my boyfriend on the Mirthful Monday ones 🙂

However, whatever you choose to do, I will continue to follow!

Yea…I can be so ironic sometimes without meaning to be….
Looks like I’ll be keeping Mirthful Monday…I think I’m going to do a combo version where I do different things…

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