Why is it that now that I am done with my daily post challenge, I have a hard time with the idea of missing a day?
Here it is 11:30 at night and I have been watching the clock tick away the hours, knowing I haven’t posted anything. There’s nothing wrong with me missing a day at this point, but I find myself feeling guilty when I think of not posting today. So, what’s the deal?
Am I now so used to posting daily that it’s as much of a habit as eating and sleeping is? If I have to miss a post eventually, will I end up filled with guilt? I don’t know and I guess it’s not the worst thing to have become a habit in my life. If only this water challenge could take effect as well as my blogging challenge obviously had. Have I been doing well with drinking water? No, I haven’t. I want to automatically blame not feeling well as to why, but honestly, that would be a cop out. I have water bottles available to me. There’s no excuse for me to not grab one more often. I know my problem is simply that I am choosing to grab soda instead. Bad Sharon!
Looks like this year’s challenges are starting out harder than last years….Will I be able to suck it up and drink the darn water? And when I do, will I get to a point where drinking water is like blogging has become for me?
Only time will tell.

P.s. Anyone know where I could buy glasses in which I can view the future?


  1. Kansas. Sorry, that just popped in my head… yeah, they used to have a future optical store in Kansas but it got wiped out in a tornado back when Dorothy was a little girl. 😀 I hope the water gets easier for you!


  2. Blogging everyday definitely isn’t a bad habit to have! 🙂 I’m struggling with the water challenge as well. I can’t remember to drink water, you know? I’m in such a habit of grabbing pop and old habits die hard!


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