It’s official! I have now completed my Postaday 2011 Challenge. I have posted daily, without missing one post, 365 days in a row!
So, what’s next?
More blogging, of course! I will not be going for a daily challenge in 2012, however I do want to continue blogging daily. I’m not going to consider it a challenge or obligation, because if I am really sick or unable to post for some reason, I don’t want to have to throw out a mediocre post to just full in space. I feel like I ended up doing this in 2011 a few times and I disliked having to do so. At the same time, posting daily was more about fighting procrastination for me, sticking to a goal, and recapturing my love for writing, so even the short posts helped me. In the end, that was all I could ask for.
This year, I want to dig deeper into my writing, challenge myself to new heights with it and hopefully uncover more of the true me through this process. I also hope to catch up on the blogs I follow and come up with a plan of how to stay up to date with your blogs and comment on a regular basis again.
I hope all my followers will stick with me on my journey and are as excited as I am to see what’s in store in 2012!


  1. congratulations Sharon! what an accomplishment. I look forward to your posts this year and your monthly challenge. I’m not doing as good as I hoped with the water challenge…but I’m working on it!


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