I made it through the holidays pretty well, minus the high blood pressure scare, despite the fact I was surrounded by people who were sick or getting sick. I had begun to think this would be the first winter in forever that I didn’t get what everyone else had. Wrong….
After two days of my husband coughing and wheezing, I started coughing early this morning and haven’t stopped much since. My husband is feeling better, but now I feel like crap.
I planned to have taken down my tree by now and get caught up on following blogs, but it looks as if that will have to wait for now. Funny how being sick makes you not feel like doing much besides being lazy. Darn you sickness!
Here’s hoping this cough goes away really, really soon! 😦


  1. At least you were well while he was ill so you could look after him and now he is well to look after you while you are ill 🙂 So much better than both being ill at the same time!


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