I am the new, proud owner of a Kindle Fire. My sweet husband bought me one as a super early Valentine’s gift and so far I am loving it. At the same time, I feel like I am betraying real books a bit. But I really am not at all.
As an owner of just a desktop computer and not a laptop, I love having a bigger screen to browse the net should I choose to as well as watch netflix from the comfort of my bedroom or practically anywhere else. I love the fact I can upload photos, videos and music on it like an Ipad, but the cost was way cheaper.
As for reading, I fully intend to use it for some of that. There are some books released only for kindle that I have wanted to read and if I can find a book I want to read that I haven’t been able to find any other way…why not?
I will still be reading paper back books and hard back books. I don’t see myself ever losing my love for real books. I am simply increasing my avenues in which I have books at my access. What’s wrong with having more and more ways to read?
For now, I have a few “real” books to read through before I read one on my new kindle, though. 🙂


  1. I will never lose my love for physical books, but you’re right about increasing the pool of available reading material. I’ve found indie authors on Amazon who don’t publish in paperback and ever since I started reviewing ARC copies of books, I had to get a Kindle app for the PC. Now I have a Kindle Touch and I can’t believe how much faster I get through books. Even though I take a paperback with me everywhere, somehow I read faster on the Kindle. You do have to be careful with some of the 99 cent authors, but there are some gems in that pile too .

    Happy reading in 2012.


    1. I found a site called PixelofInk.com that shows free books and bargain books on the Kindle everyday…I’m sure you had probably heard about it! I’m loving it so far! 🙂 I love a way to get more books for free!


  2. I got a Kindle for Christmas! It’s awesome, but like you I felt like I was cheating on real books a little bit. lol But honestly I am running out of space on my bookshelf! It’s really hard for me to give up a book that I really love, so a Kindle really makes perfect sense for me, but I don’t intend to give up on “real” books either! 🙂 I love then too much!


  3. After working in front of a computer the whole day, I just can’t think I’d enjoy staring at another screen to relax while reading in bed at night. Looking forward to reading how your Kindle is working out for you.


    1. Yea, I understand…so far I have used it more for everything else BUT reading because I am reading REAL books that I want to finish first…even if I use it rarely for reading, it’s still worth it, though because of all the other things you can do with it…and I let my husband play on it too 🙂


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