If you missed yesterday’s post about my new challenge, you might want to go read about it before continuing here.

Today started Month One and my first monthly goal is to “Drink More Water”. So far, I have grabbed one water bottle today and drank about half of it and I plan to finish it before bedtime. Ideally, I would love to get into the habit of drinking at least 2-3 glasses per day so that I will be drinking less caffeine. I definitely have a Mountain Dew habit right now and I don’t see myself dropping it completely but I would love to cut WAY back eventually. This month, I plan to incorporate water more into my life and really get used to drinking more of it. I do NOT have a set amount I am forcing myself to drink, I just want to start off by drinking more. This is my way of not getting down on myself. So, as long as I am drinking water even a few times a week, I will be meeting my monthly challenge. BUT if I drink even more,  then it’s like going above and beyond my challenge and it feels like I am excelling even more. 🙂

I have decided to wait on posting about each monthly challenge until the first of each month so I have plenty of time to really pick each one and think about it. I have also decided every month I add a challenge, I want to not only keep my last challenge OR challenges, but try to work them in even more. For instance, say I drink a bottle of water 2-3 times a week the first month. The second month, I will be, of course, keeping my challenge of drinking more water but will try to increase the 2-3 bottles a week of water into say, one every other day. Then the next month, maybe one every day and so on…..

I am hoping this will not only make each challenge a habit for me but allow me to get more used to each one as time passes by. 🙂 Anyone else participating may do theirs however they see fit! My end or BIG goal is just to better myself and make good, healthy changes in my life that will stick. I am really excited about this challenge and feel extremely motivated to make it work. I plan to keep everyone updated along the way with my progress and I would love for others participating in any way to share theirs as well! Who knows? Maybe YOUR good progress will inspire me! 🙂

NOW…for the second part of this post. January 11th is my last day of PostaDay 2011 since I started on that day last year. By that date, I will decide whether I will continue posting daily or less often. Ultimately, the decision will be my choice, of course, but I would really love to hear opinions from those who read my blog. Family, close friends and fellow bloggers: Please let me know if you have enjoyed my daily posts and if you would like to see me continue posting daily. Would you miss my posts if I did them less often?


  1. Hey Sharon,
    Anyone who has posted daily throughout the challenge deserves a medal! As to whether you continue Posting daily is up to you and how much you enjoy it 🙂 I am perhaps not the best person to comment because I never managed to read all the PAD bloggers I followed everyday. 😦
    However, it is a wonderful diary of your life to look back on years to come 🙂




    1. No medals needed here, it was fun! 🙂
      I have gotten really behind on reading everyone’s blogs myself because of the holidays so I really appreciate you all that read mine and comment! You are awesome! 🙂


  2. Unfortunately with my schedule I am unable to visit all the blogs I want to on a daily basis, however as Piglet mentioned if you continue it should be because you enjoy it. It should only be done if you have fresh content and want to do it. When you get right down to it, the only important post you do this year is my guest post! I hope that brought a smile to your face. Happy new year my friend.


  3. Sharon, I love your 12 in ’12 challenge! What a great idea! I’m going to join you in the drinking more water challenge for January. I hardly ever drink water, I mostly drink Dt. Mountain Dew. I was going to make drinking more water a resolution, but your idea of a challenge is more inspiring! Thank you for sharing this idea! 🙂

    As for the posting everyday, I agree with Tom and Piglet – you should keep it up, if it’s something that you enjoy and want to do. 🙂


  4. I end up playing “catch up” now and then, so even if you don’t post daily, I will still enjoy reading your blog. 🙂

    I like your water challenge. I wasn’t drinking any water at all there for awhile and now I have at least one a day, ice cold from the tap into a pretty wine goblet. Good luck on your new habit!


  5. The point of setting challenges for you is that they work and you are motivated to do that. So it’s up to you to see what works best. Good luck with your water challenge. I’ve got to ask, if you don’t drink any water, what do you drink all day? I’d be so sad without water… Looking forward to reading about your other challenges.


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