Short post today because I have been so busy. Tomorrow is Christmas Day and all my family is now here. My biggest wish for tomorrow is that everyone will have the christmas spirit and get along. Family is awesome but crowded spaces can bring out a mixture of personalities and from experience I have learned not every personality will mix well. The holidays can be both happy as well as stressful and tensions may get to a point where things escalate and explode after awhile. Yes, I am speaking from a personal situation that transpired today as well as past circumstances. It’s interesting how you can think your depression has gotten incredibly better and then you are put with people for long periods of time and lots of noise and constant chaos and then bam, it turns out things weren’t as under control as you think. Pair that with a bi-polar husband that most of your family doesn’t understand and things can get crazy.
But, this is not meant to be a depressing post and I don’t have regrets that my family is here. I am thrilled and I feel so blessed no matter what. My only wish is for me AND my husband to survive the holiday season without losing our  minds and for everyone to just have a great time together, being happy and safe.
That is also my wish for you guys…although maybe not so much the losing your mind unless that applies.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you all!


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