Last Friday night, I stayed up finishing cleaning and watching “Hot in Cleveland” on Netflix….I watched so much of the show because of hilarious Betty White that I didn’t go to bed until morning. As I was heading for bed, my niece that moved to North Carolina recently with her Marine husband starts texting me saying she is bored cause her husband had to work and asking me how I’m doing and everything. I let her know I was just getting ready to try to sleep if my teeth will let me(turns out the bottom “wisdom tooth” I thought I was cutting was just an abscessed tooth next to where I would be cutting a tooth). So I message her for a bit and I go off to sleep…..

Normally, I would be awake around 4 in the afternoon. That afternoon I was still snoozing away, not expecting there would be any problem with this. Suddenly, I hear a knock at my door and my husband, who had JUST gone to bed in the afternoon…yea, we are crazy! went to go answer it. Then I hear a woman’s voice that I don’t recognize because I am half asleep and she is saying something about her husband using the bathroom. Well…I was like, “Tell her that her husband can find somewhere else to use one, what do they think we are? A 7-11?” Then I hear my husband say that someone is here to see me and I am like, ok…tell them to come back later, I am tired. Yes..I admit I can be a grumpy woman when I am tired. I then hear a woman say, “We took a wrong turn at Indiana and somehow ended up here” and I immediately hear my niece’s voice and look up and see her. I was in utter shock and disbelief. Then I turned to my left and saw her husband with the cell phone videotaping and I immediately ducked my head under the cover! It was one thing seeing my niece while I am in bed, my hair a mess and in my nightgown still…but to meet her husband for the first time. So NOT what I had in mind for my day, you know?! So I peek out and see him gone and talk to her for a bit, then hide back under when I see him again and I say that he must REALLY think I am crazy now, to which my niece replies, “Well, yea…your head is under the blankets!” LOL

Needless to say, my niece, her husband and my family in Indiana had known for quite awhile that instead of my niece and her husband coming a couple days AFTER Christmas, they were going to come in early and not tell anyone. None of the family in Texas had any clue. Me and my husband were the first to find out and then they patiently waited as I got dressed so we could go and surprise my mom, dad and Nanny. My mom’s face was one of shock. She was literally speechless for about a minute after she saw her! It was awesome, but yea, I still wish I hadn’t been surprised while lying in bed!

I wanted to post how excited I was on Saturday but was told I had to keep their presence here a secret so they could surprise their cousins in Austin when they came in today. Unfortunately, it looks like my family there isn’t coming until tomorrow, but my niece decided to let the secret out anyways so I am allowed to finally post about it.

So far, it has been fun having them here, going bowling with a couple of my friends and playing board games and video games and just chatting. It definitely has been filling my days until everyone else gets in town, too. It’s been nice to have people to hang out with to count down the days instead of just wasting them at the apartment, just us two, me and my hubby. It definitely has meant using the time I have to blog and schedule my posts so I don’t have to waste time away from family. Not that my blog isn’t important to me, but I just want to make sure nothing is keeping me from spending quality time with them!

So my secret is out on why I haven’t had much time to read and I’m glad I get to share this excellent surprise with everyone!

May all my friends and family,inside and outside of the blogging world, have just as much excitement as I have had in this past week! 🙂


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