I really do still believe in Santa Clause, only not in the way everyone thinks. I stopped believing in the fictional character years ago as a child, although, I quickly learned from my mom that kids that don’t believe do NOT get gifts so I pretended the character was real even though I knew the truth. Even though everyone KNEW I knew the truth.

I never felt lied to when I discovered the truth behind the fictional persona of Mr. Clause. At least not that I remember, which means it didn’t scar me or anything. I don’t remember feeling betrayed as I learned the true identity behind the Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy either. It just seemed like a natural progression of going from make believe to reality. I don’t think there is anything wrong with kids believing in fairy tales or make believe. In fact, I think it’s important for children to have that innocence as long as possible, before they learn that life will not be a fairy tale and it can be very rough. I wish more than anything that ALL children could live in a fairy tale reality for as long as possible. The horrible truth is that many children are forced into a cruel reality of life too young and I think the happiness fairy tales can bring is a welcome relief.

But, back to my belief in Santa Clause. My mom told me as a young girl that Santa Clause was the Spirit of Love and Giving. As long as that exists, Santa Clause exists. That’s what I believe in…The Spirit of Love and Giving. Not the fictional man in red with a belly full of jelly that says HO HO HO. The IDEA of Santa Clause. The Spirit of the Holidays that fills our hearts with love and joy and a giving spirit. I feel this spirit when I see people doing good deeds around the holidays, when I see someone helping someone who’s in need, or giving all they have asking for nothing in return. To me, that is what Santa Clause stands for.

You probably have heard on the news or online about the people around the U.S. that have been secretly paying off layaways, mostly ones with toys and kid’s clothes, for people. To me, those wonderful people, are someone’s secret Santa Clause. So many are doing it out of the spirit of giving without asking for reward or fame. Just secretly helping others out that might otherwise be unable to afford to give their kids any gifts. Thank you, Secret Santas! You reaffirm my hope for this world and let me know there are STILL good people out there willing to do good! 🙂

I still believe in Santa Clause because I see small town and big city Santas everyday spreading the spirit of love and giving to one and all!


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