I’m down to 13 days left on my countdown to family coming in for the holidays….I am so excited and ready to see them! I just need to hire me a maid to clean my apartment first. How can an apartment get so messy?! I don’t even have kids yet and I can still feel the stress of the holidays settling in….

Whoever came up with Spring Cleaning was smart, but they failed to get me into the craze. Spring came and went without the cleaning…..then there was Summer and where the heck did Fall go? I think it literally fell through the cracks…Now it’s Winter and uh, my “equal opportunity” mess(as I like to call it) is staring me in the face and taunting me! Looks like I’m going to have to do a heavy duty Winter Cleaning. Well…I still have 13 days, right? Uh….Why doesn’t that sound like plenty of time when I sit here and think about it?

I have finished the Christmas shopping. I have even done all the Christmas wrapping. Decorating? Not so much. In fact, I was thinking I might skip it. Then I decided the other day I MAY do some after all….after the Winter Cleaning. The shopping and wrapping seem a cinch compared to the thought of all the cleaning and decorating though…..This next week is going to be one LONG week.

So here’s my important list for this week……Blog daily. Finish my guest post for a fellow blogger(which I still have to start). Take wrapped gifts for my side of the family over to my Nanny’s. Clean every single room of the apartment by the weekend AND vacuum so my father-in-law can shampoo the carpets this weekend. Organize the den closet so I can reach the Christmas decorations. Decorate the house for Christmas. Find some time to read so I don’t go insane…along with finding time to eat and sleep. Then when it’s all finished, take a HUGE nap! 🙂

I think I can do this…..I think I can…I think I can…..Keep Repeating like in those Thomas the Tank Engine books!

*If all else fails…At least I know I can manage the napping! ;)*


  1. I waited paitently thru spring, summer, and most of fal for my husband to come home. Which now hey feel like tey passed so quickly but while the were happeningit seemed like a lifetime was passing. My christmas decorating started even before thanksgiving lol I’m still not finished yet. Good luck with all that lol. I clean almost everyday or every other day so I make sure the place doesn’t get to messing. Exspecially since I’ve developed OCD no joke I’m horrible. No children either well besides my husband and I think he is worse. Atleast children you can teach but you know what the say about teaching old dogs new tricks its the same with men . Still working on our christmas shoppin but I believe its going pretty well. I believe its th little engine that could. Where those thomas books?


    1. so there shouldn’t be as many mistakes in that but reading over it I see a ton and they annoy me but I’m sure you I’ll know what I mean. I’m just replying from my phone and I gues I type too fast for it lol


      1. I could read what you said and although I’m a stickler for grammar and spelling, I won’t bother you for perfection. You’re my niece so I forgive you :p
        I hate commenting on blogs or doing my blog through my phone…way slower than typing on the keyboard of my computer…but sometimes you got to do what you got to do! 🙂
        Love you and miss you! 16 or 17 days until I see you! YAY!


    2. Oh yea, The Little Engine that could! And I’m not sure…you’ve been already little kids more so than me lately!
      So true about men being like little kids with making messes, omg! Chad is so bad about making a mess! You must have gone really OCD, because I remember when you and Hannah shared a room and I couldn’t even get through the door barely! LOL
      I would clean more often, but my depression has just got me so down this past year…which I know, doesn’t make much sense cause I’ve had my husband around…but sometimes depression doesn’t have a good reason to be there, it just is. The only things I have to put up for Christmas, if and when I do…is the tree and a few little figurines…I don’t have tinsel and lights, etc. I could put some up inside my apartment, but nah…I’m good with just the tree.


      1. Hannah was always the messy one like I told everyone and they just didn’t believe it until I moved out. When she cleaned the room like once then the mess began and continued to grow. I on the other hand won’t stop cleaning and always make sure everything is clean. Before I hated he mess but just decided against doing anything about it. Just tried to stay out of there unles I was sleeping. Most the time I was out with friends or extra curicular activities.


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