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{December 8, 2011}   Weekly Photo Challenge:WAITING

Humans spend a vast majority of their lives waiting. Whether it’s waiting in line at the grocery store, waiting on commercials to end(unless you live by a DVR) so your show comes back on, waiting to get older, waiting for Christmas, etc., if you added up all the time in your life that you’ve waited on something, it would be a lot. I actually tried looking up an average, but it’s a different answer everywhere I looked. And why wouldn’t it be? No one person is exactly alike another and how would you measure time each person spends waiting for something that’s just in their mind?

Currently, this photo challenge theme makes me think of the calendar and how I am trying patiently to wait for family that are coming in for Christmas. Everything else I am waiting for pretty much takes a back seat to the excitement of that. I decided to find pictures online to use for this theme…ones that made me think of waiting.

Aren't we all waiting for that next big cash flow? Heck, I'm ready for a small one!

How often do you sit and wait for an important e-mail? phone call?

The infamous Dr. visits and the long waits...especially during the cold/flu season!

Waiting for the "lightbulb" to go get that next great idea

Waiting on Santa to come!

An airport waiting area

But…that’s enough of waiting pictures. This is all making me anxious…maybe sometimes it’s nice to not think so much about waiting and instead spend time doing? 🙂

Nice selections! A little anticipation is good… but when I have nothing to do but wait, it’s awful.

Yep…nice to have something to occupy your mind while waiting!

Waiting is a big waste of time for humans, that’s for sure. I recently read that elementary school kids spend half the day waiting for something. Waiting for everyone to sit down and get ready, waiting until everyone is done with assignments, waiting to go to the bathroom, waiting for lunch, waiting for recess… Half the day! And then we want them to actually learn something with so much time wasted?

Here we’re impatiently waiting for Christmas…

We definitely DO waste a lot of time waiting for things…I remember back when I had dial up computers, oh my! The first time I got DSL, it was a huge relief not to have to wait forever for pages to load!

eof737 says:

Smart selection… I’m waiting for the year to end. 🙂

I’m not so ready for the year to end yet because that means my family has already been here and gone! I just want Christmas Eve to get here and THEM to, as welL! 🙂

The Hook says:

You always rise to the challenge…

I try…sometimes I kind of fall short…but I try! 🙂

Paula says:

These are great pictures. I love the light bulb – waiting for the next great idea! I can definitely relate to that. 🙂 And the long waits to see Doctors. UGH! 🙂

The wait at the Doctor’s office is the worst! Especially when there’s screaming kids…

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