It’s December and in just a few weeks, I will have family in that I haven’t seen in a year…some that I haven’t seen in over 2 1/2 years! I am so excited! In fact, the excitement is so great that it’s hard for me to focus on anything but the holidays. It’s not just me, either, that seems to be going through a hard time with keeping up with their blog and everything else. It’s just a very hectic time. But I only have 41 days left until the date I originally started this post-a-day madness and then I will be able to say I did it. I haven’t decided whether I will continue a post-a-day through 2012 or not…I am very conflicted about it actually. A part of me worries that after doing it for a whole year, I may end up back to hardly ever blogging, but at the same time, I feel like I might need to cut back from doing it every day so I can shift the focus to other things in my life. I would love to hear opinions on whether my readers would like to see me continue daily or they think I should cut back to 2-3 times a week or even weekly.

Apparently today was also National Pie Day….but since I’m not a big pie lover anyways, the only reason I knew this was by looking it up.

Here’s a little poem to get you into the holiday spirit! 🙂

This section is a Christmas tree:
Loaded with pretty toys for you.
Behold the blocks, the Noah’s arks,
The popguns painted red and blue.
No solemn pine-cone forest-fruit,
But silver horns and candy sacks
And many little tinsel hearts
And cherubs pink, and jumping-jacks.
For every child a gift, I hope.
The doll upon the topmost bough
Is mine. But all the rest are yours.
And I will light the candles now.
– Vachel Lindsay


  1. Do what is good for you! A full year is quite an accomplishment. Maybe the next is proving to yourself that you can continue to blog without the daily structure. Enjoy every minute of your hectic time and have a wonderful Christmas with your family!


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