My family from Austin headed home yesterday so my day has been spent sleeping and catching up on dvr’d shows while nursing a sore mouth. I have new wisdom teeth pushing through the top and bottom of the right side of my mouth. Nothing unusual in itself because we all go through this at some point. The strangeness of my situation is that I grew wisdom teeth in both places once before and had them removed, making this my 2nd set to come in on the right side. And I have 2 more sets that could come in under those at some point in my future for a grand total of four sets. Three wisdom teeth have been removed, 13 more to go! So how come I don’t get any extra wisdom from this oddity? It would be nice to benefit from cutting multiple teeth over and over as an adult…I definitely feel sympathy for babies cutting teeth. It is painful and no fun!
Giving Thanks Day 26: Today, I am thankful for extra teeth even if they can be a pain. I also have 2 more sets of permanent teeth so if I ever lose my two front teeth, I have the blessing of being able to grow more. This is definitely a blessing that many would wish for!


  1. How strange! I am very unwise as I only ever got one properly and that went rotten, broke and had to be pulled. I have another trying very half-heartedly to come through, but it doesn’t seem very likely that more of it will show up. And I’m 39. I guess it’s good to have an excuse for being unwise… 😉 I can blame all my poor decisions on my teeth!


    1. Nah, I don’t think the teeth have anything to do with real wisdom or I would be a genius! LOL
      All the ones I have had come in came in rotten and I had to get them removed…these two will probably have to be removed eventually as well! Makes for a nice dentist bill!


  2. Oh gosh! I didn’t even know it was possible to have more than one set of teeth! Though it’s pretty cool that if you lose a tooth, you have more that will grow in. 🙂 I had an extra lateral tooth on each side, on the right side they were fused together. I have braces now, so they had to be pulled. There just wasn’t room for my extra teeth. 🙂


    1. I didn’t either until I was told I had extra sets…I always thought I was a little unusual! LOL
      I needed braces, but never got them….oh well! People will just have to except my non-perfect teeth! 😀


    1. I didn’t go to the dentist…didn’t think I would need to just for cutting teeth…BUT I noticed a couple days ago that on the bottom right side, I may have an abscess tooth instead of just cutting another wisdom tooth…so I may be having to schedule one anyways. It will have to wait until my cold gets better, though.


  3. Hi, I just came across your blog.. I had 7 wisdom teeth. I had three excised 5 years ago. I am 26 years old, and I still have a full set left, only 2 are in my upper left quad and the other 2 are in my lower right quad. The two pressing on my upper left are so painful, because they are both impacted, one at a 90 degree angle, and the other less of an angle. I am on ibuprofen arond the clock until I can afford removal.


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