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On to the questions!

1. Is there a special dish you prepare that you are famous for? Not yet…I have made Macaroni & Cheese a couple of times in past years, but I didn’t cook anything this year…I’m good at cooking, but I don’t like to, so I avoid it when I can

2. Are you (did you) go Black Friday shopping ? Sort of…..I went with my mom, sister and one of my nieces after 8 this morning to look around. There wasn’t really anything I was wanting and I didn’t have any money anyways so I didn’t buy anything….all the stores were pretty calm as well cause everyone else around here seemed to have gone last night and none of us were in the mood to go then…..I wish they would switch Black Friday back the way it was and stop trying to take over Thanksgiving…..

3. What are your strangest holiday traditions? I don’t think any of my traditions are strange, but that’s because they are the ones I have grown up with….to someone else, they might be strange but I honestly don’t know any that are strange to me

4. Pecan or pumpkin pie? Neither, I’m not a big pie eater….and I rarely eat sweets except for maybe a few days out of the month

5. When will you put up your Christmas tree? Undecided….Living in an apartment with just my husband, there’s not really anyone else to see the tree and I’m not sure where I would put it where it’s not in the way….so I haven’t decided whether I will put it up or not…..I don’t think it matters much either way…I can still be in the Christmas spirit with or without a tree.
Giving Thanks Day 25: Today, I give thanks for something I have already given thanks for, but for a different reason. This past week my car has been going crazy acting up and the night before Thanksgiving, it wouldn’t even start, and I had to borrow my mom’s car. Today my dad found out what was wrong with it: A 4 cylinder car working on 2 cylinders. He switched out some spark plugs and did some other stuff and voila! Finally seems to be working good again! Oh, and my car is a 1997 so it’s 14 years old…..which apparently, according to the guy who diagnosed the problem, is unusual to see nowadays where people get newer cars every few years. For a 14 yr. old car, it’s been pretty good to me and still running well. The plugs I had on my car were 11 years old and this was the first time they messed up….and my car is a Mercury Tracer…made by Ford, so I guess not ALL Ford vehicles are junk, huh? 🙂
SO….Today, I am thankful my car is fixed, running smoothly again, and I no longer have to worry about being without a vehicle. YAY! 🙂


  1. Baked Orrechiette
    Never shop on Black Friday.
    Chinese food on Christmas Eve (only place open yeas ago)
    Pumpkin pie.
    Tree will go up about December 23rd. Or might not go up at all as I will travel to grandchildren.

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  2. 1. I usually bring my Deviled Eggs: a big hit!
    3. Traditions? HUM…with the new house I guess we need to make some…and we put lights up on top of the roof so that is a start…
    4. Pumpkin Pie for sure with whip cream!
    5. We have to get a tree from Salvation Army and put it up still…Now that we have a house we have so much fun decorating!! I will take photo’s.

    Hi Sharon! HAPPY THANKSGIVING, so glad you got out of the house with mom and sis! I just can’t handle crowds and I have no money, so it is a bummer so far. This is going to be the fifth Christmas broke! I am sick of it…I need you to keep me UP 🙂 Miss you , Jackie Paulson


    1. Yum, Deviled Eggs are yummy…but they don’t always set on the stomach well, LOL!

      There weren’t really any crowds by the time I got out and I didn’t have money either so I just looked around the stores. I can relate to the being broke part!


  3. 1. No.
    2. This is the first year I’ve even heard of this phenomenon called Black Friday. That’s because of reading blogs 🙂
    3. I guess our relatively new familiy tradition of having an extra Christmas day on a weekend near Christmas when my sister and brother-in-law stay at my parents and we go over too for a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, because they usually have the day itself for the two of them.
    4. I don’t eat nuts. And I’ve never had pumpkin pie, but I’d like to try it. So that’s my vote, but I’ve not eaten either!
    5. If I put up decorations I like to do it December 1st because they are cheerful when the weather is grey, as it often is in a British winter. I haven’t the last couple of years because we sort of cancelled Christmas, or at least minimised it. The first because of the mother-in-law crisis and last year I was busy burning myself on my thesis and didn’t have time. Not decided yet about this year. Theoretically it’s back to normal, except I’m still gradually recovering. We shall see.


    1. Wow…I didn’t realize there were people who had never heard of Black Friday…I had always assumed it was a worldwide shopping thing no matter what holiday you celebrated. I am learning something new!


  4. Soup any kind.
    Never heard of Black Friday until this year when I read about it in various blogs
    I don’t have any strange holiday traditions. When we were teenagers and living at home we would open presents late on Christmas Eve. this was a suggestion from my elder sister and we followed it for several years.
    I love Pecan pie but don’t see it very often here.
    Can’t decide whether to put up a tree this year.


    1. Black Friday is probably a strange tradition to you and many others then!
      The kids in our family sometimes open a Christmas Eve gift as well. I love Pecans by themselves…but not the pie…it’s too sweet!


  5. 1. Not really, but occassionally get requests for something I make.
    2. Nope!
    3. Celebrating on off days, like Thanksgiving on Friday or Christmas on Christmas Eve.
    4. Pecan, if it is made right (no so sickly sweet)
    5. I’m decorating without a tree this year.


    1. It’s OK…I am really behind and I probably won’t get caught up until after the holidays. I am very thankful people are still finding time to read and comment on my blog. You are really sweet people! 🙂


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