Seriously….this is NOT a joke. A couple of nights ago, I decided to play the Nintendo Wii for awhile. I don’t play video games very often at all, and I felt like playing one for a bit. So I played and swung the Wii remote, twisted it and rotated it and finally quit after a few hours. You see, when I decide to actually play once in a blue moon, I can’t simply play for 15 minutes. Oh no, I have to go hardcore marathon style and play for at least a couple hours. The thing was that by that time, my right arm felt like I had been exercising hardcore with just it and forgot to include the left arm. I used both arms but I’m right handed so when it comes to just one hand moves instead of two hand ones, well…I’m not going to try to win an award for most ambidextrous. So I turned off the Wii with my arm a little sore and figured it would be better later. WRONG!

A day later and it’s killing me, from the top of my shoulder to my lower arm. Things like typing or texting on the phone pull on muscles that I didn’t even know I was using so much! But I powered through until finally I had to take some Advil to even get any sleep. Today was 2 days later and ouch, this video game injury is still hurting even after hours of rest and medicine. Looks like I am going to have to seriously put a timer by the Wii so when I play, I don’t OVERplay. This muscle pain is NOT child’s play by any means!

(I forgot to mention I also almost toppled my drink over that was sitting beside me AND I hit myself in the mouth! LOL)


Giving Thanks Day 15: Today, I am thankful for my arms AND legs, even though my right arm is not being very nice right now! There is so much I would not be able to do as well without all of them and I think I take it for granted I have them until something happens where one of them is in pain or I see someone who is not as lucky and I am reminded that tomorrow, I could lose a limb or two or all of them. You never know what life has in store for you so you better be thankful for the body parts you have right now, because you might not always have them!


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