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Happy Veteran’s Day! Thank you to all veterans for what you have done and thanks to those still fighting for our country! I appreciate you!

As always, you may answer these questions in your own post or in the comments section!

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On to the questions!

1. What’s the last thing you spent too much money on? I don’t really know…..we don’t have a lot of money to begin with and we are on a tight budget so…maybe my book the other day, but it’s a rare occasion when I buy a book brand new and pay full price and I did do a price comparison to find the cheapest price

2. What celeb chef would you want to make you dinner? ANY Celeb Chef, really….I CAN cook, but I don’t really like to, so it would be nice to have any chef cook FOR me…if I was rich, I would have a chef cook all my meals and make healthy, good meals so I wouldn’t have to cook at all!

3. Where do you hide things when visitors pop over or do you let them see the real deal? What kinds of things are you talking about here?! Like naughty things or where do I hide the mess? LOL IF there are any naughty things in my house anyways, which I’m not saying yea or nay too, they would be put up in the bedroom probably where people wouldn’t nose anyways….if there is just a bit of clutter, I try to put it up or push it out of the way, otherwise, I guess they just see the real deal…

4. Who is your oldest living family member? I believe it would be my Nanny(grandma on my Mom’s side), but I could be wrong…She is 88

5. What is your favorite DQ treat and/or Sonic drink combo (ie: cherry vanilla Dr. Pepper)? This question sounds like it’s a DQ/Sonic combo…never have done that…..I like DQ blizzards, but I honestly haven’t had DQ in years….as far as Sonic drinks, I like their regular limeades, strawberry limeades, berry slushes, and their Ocean Water depending on my mood….it’s probably been even a month or two since I have had one of any of those as well.
Giving Thanks Day #11- Today, I give thanks to those who have fought for our country and those still fighting! Without you, America would NOT be the Land of the free and the Home of the Brave and may we NEVER forget how important our soldiers are AND were!

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