My nephew looking out the car window as the outside whizzes by
Outside an upstairs window of my parent's house on a day where we had a teeny bit of snow....the blinds show up in the reflection off the glass
A close-up of my eyes because "Eyes are the Windows to the Soul"


Giving Thanks Day 10: Today, I give thanks for having a place to live instead of having to live out on the streets. Sure, an apartment isn’t the fanciest place, but it beats having nowhere and I have a place to keep warm during the upcoming winter and a place to keep cool during the hot Texas summers…and let’s face it…those warm days that show up between the cold ones even in winter!


    1. They are green, but they were blue when I was born. As a child, they started to go from blue to green, back and forth, depending on what I wore and eventually settled on green. BUT I have been told on rare occasions that I have blue eyes, which gets a strange reaction from me…so maybe they still DO change when I don’t notice it?
      I think we do tend to take a lot of things for granted, I know I do! BUT I am trying to take the time this month to really think about the small things I often overlook as being so great! 🙂


    1. I figure everyone else is going to go more for literal so I try really hard to do something different…Since I’m not the best photographer, I only hope that maybe looking at the challenges from a different viewpoint will make the difference in not having the best photos. I’m glad people like my view! 🙂


  1. Nice photos! I like the upstairs window with the reflection as it is kind of like looking out while looking in and your eye photo looks very artsy, too. The photo of your nephew is cute, but I find myself drawn to the window to see what he sees.


    1. I was trying to document the rare occurrence of snow on the roof that day, but when I saw the picture I thought it was strange but cool how the blinds were reflected. I love pictures of eyes for some reason and I’m glad you liked the pictures I picked as much as I did…I was hoping others would get what I was trying to show. 🙂


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