Today started out bright and sunny with a strong chance of rain and a tornado watch for later in the day. Me and my husband went to Target so I could buy Stephen King’s latest novel, 11/22/63, a huge book at well over 800 pages that is based around the shooting of JFK. I had recently got paid a little to type some things up online for the Woodmen of the World life insurance group I am in, so I was excited to be able to splurge a little. We got super lucky in that the rain didn’t start until after we got inside Target and by the time we finished browsing and shopping, the rain had stopped for the time being. I paid for my purchases and then my husband asked me for the car keys. “I thought you had them”, I replied. Nope, he could have sworn he saw me grab them, but I knew I didn’t. Our keys are hooked on a camo lanyard that I wear around my neck when I carry them or put in my coin purse when inside the library cause they can be quite nosy. Since they weren’t in my coin purse and obviously not around my neck, we were left to call for a rescue. That rescue happened to be my dad, who lives within a few minutes of Target, who then went with us to make an extra copy of our car key. Where I will keep said extra copy so as not to lose it too is unknown to me at this time. I was admittedly grumpy about locking myself out of the car, but as we waited outside the car and went for the extra key, the rain held back. Driving home, the heavens unleashed the rain but it stopped again as we got to our apartments. Safe inside and out of the weather, the rain has been pouring off and on outside. It is much needed rain, but much more appreciated by me when I know I will not be getting drowned in it. I may have got locked out of my car today, but not for long and I somehow avoided getting soaked by the rain so looks like my day was better than I thought earlier!
Giving Thanks Day #8: Today, I am thankful for the rain and how it washes the earth clean and helps things to grow. Here, where it has been a drought for so long, the rain is even more welcome than ever. It’s easy to forget sometimes how important the rain truly is until you go without it for so long.


    1. I am really working on trying to see the positive more….I have noticed my mindset always leading to the negative ALL the time and I am actively trying to change it….it’s not easy, but taking it a step at a time!


  1. Maybe it was just taking breaks to give the earth a chance to soak some up, but it is kind of neat how the rain held off pouring buckets during the times when you were outside. My dad carries a spare car key on his belt as he tends to lock himself out every once in a while.


    1. I know that the rain didn’t just decide to stop for me…I could never imagine myself as being important enough for THAT to happen…but I just found it a lovely coincidence that made the fact of locking myself out not so bad. 🙂

      I’m a skirt and dresses kind of girl… fact, I get asked if I’m Pentecostal, but the truth is I just have never liked pants all that much. Therefore, I never have a belt, so it would be kind of hard to do that….I think I’m going to keep it in my coin purse I carry with me cause even if I forget to grab the keys, I always seem to grab the little purse.


  2. This is beautiful and isn’t it amazing when nature cooperates to keep us dry and safe… love it. 🙂 I’m working on catching up again after a hectic workshop week again. 🙂


    1. Yes, it IS amazing!
      I keep getting behind on reading and commenting on other’s blogs myself and then days later, I’ll catch up and then start getting behind again! I admire those who can always stay caught up…it’s really hard! Especially the more people you follow! I just appreciate that you find time to keep reading and commenting on me regardless! Thanks!


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