Yesterday, I announced the winners of my Weekly Photo Challenge Quiz as Eliz and Dayle and today I am dedicating this post to them and their blogs!

First up, Eliz of Mirth and Motivation!

I have been following her blog for seven months now, almost as long as I have been doing the Post a Day Challenge. Her blog is a perfect mixture of laughter, inspiration, gorgeous photos and insightful information! The other day she asked when are you happiest, and reading blogs like hers is definitely one of the times when I AM the happiest. In honor of the joy her blog brings me, I thought I would highlight some of my favorite more recent posts of hers. I definitely recommend that you check them out!

In Reflections: Accept your own beauty, she talked about how beauty WAS truly in the eye of the beholder and how to become aware of how beautiful we really are. On October 24th, she posted a variety of short stories that made me think, made me laugh, made me cry, then laugh yet again! In On Writing: Is There an App for that?, she made me think on technology and if it really DOES help my writing or not, but she also made me laugh at the title. ๐Ÿ™‚ Her humor post on limericks had me rolling around laughing and also straining my brain trying to come up with a witty one myself! Her photo challenge on Sunsets had my jaw drop in awe but if you check out her posts daily, you will see how amazing her photos always are! One of my all time favorites for photos was when she went to the Met to see an Alexander McQueen show, definitely a post you MUST check out! ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’re not already a follower of hers, go check her blog out! You will NOT regret it!

Next, we have Dayle from I shall be a toad!

She is participating in a Community Network Meme with me, hosted by Tom Baker, that I invite you ALL to join! I haven’t been following her as long as Eliz, but it feels just as long. Way back in April, I was researching information about tanning online and came across a post she did on against tanning.ย I left a comment on the post because I agreed with it, never expecting to actually hear a response and definitely not expecting the girl who wrote it to read my blog. I mean, I thought it was one of those blogs where people are paid bloggers and they don’t have time to actually respond or read yours, you know? But she did respond and she read my blog and she liked my blog. From there, she gave me her wordpress information and I started reading her blog on here. From the beginning, it was evident that we had different backgrounds and different religious beliefs, but the amount of stuff we have in common is phenomenal! She is an amazing writer whose words I feel I can relate to, no matter the topic, and it’s always a joy to read her posts. Here are some of my favorite posts of hers that I am sharing with you! PLEASE do check them out for yourself! ๐Ÿ™‚

Her traditions are different from mine, as I said, but also very beautiful. In her Halloween post, she talked about her Samhain traditions and her way of honoring the dead. In The power of words, she expresses why we shouldn’t use the word retarded and speaks about her late aunt who she was named after while telling a beautiful story of love and acceptance. During Banned Books Week, she highlighted daily books that had been challenged. She celebrated the beginning of Autumn with thanks and an old poem with beautiful imagery. In her post, 46 cents, she took a writing prompt and brought tears to my eyes. And in one of my favorite posts by her, she shares her vulnerable side in a way that was extremely relatable and heartfelt.

I just picked a few of the many posts I loved by these two bloggers. It is my hopes that in reading the ones I picked out, you will come to the conclusion I once did: That they are both wonderful women who have amazing blogs! ๐Ÿ™‚

Giving Thanks Day #6: Today, I give thanks for blogging and the many friends I have made through it!


  1. Thanks for sharing about these lovely bloggers! And that’s awesome about your new blogging friend too! ๐Ÿ™‚ Often times we have more similarities with people than differences, and I think that’s a very cool thing.


  2. Thank you so much Sharon for this very special shootout. I love your blog too and look forward to reading your posts…
    This is truly an honor! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Thank you so much, Sharon! I’m sorry that it’s taken me so long to respond!

    It could have been perpetuated by the fact that I was already overemotional from my daughter’s upcoming birthday, but I started to cry when I read this in my email last week! It’s amazing how friendships can form from something so small. I’ve only written two posts for Commentarista, but I am thrilled that one of them led to our meeting!

    The pieces you chose to share also happen to be those I’m most proud of . . . another sign of how very different minds can think alike!

    Once I’m caught up on my other reading, I am definitely going to check out Eliz’s blog too!


    1. You never know what might lead people to you….I have made some great friends in really strange circumstances where I can look back and see how if one thing had worked out just a teeny bit different, I would have probably never met them. I think it’s rather serendipitous how the topic of tanning led me to one of two posts on Commentarista you did!


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