My first thought at hearing the challenge theme this week was, “Oh, since it’s around Halloween, Hidden could be used for pictures of people in the masks and costumes because they are in a way hiding behind them.” Then I saw posts where things were sort of hidden from view until you look a bit longer and I started thinking of those Where’s Waldo? books where you have to look and look to find him. For that matter, there are also Hidden Object games and books out there. I didn’t feel like I had any pictures that fit a Hidden Object theme and I wasn’t completely sure how to go about making one. I had a brilliant idea of mixing objects or faces in a type of collage but didn’t really see that I had that kind of time on my hands, although if I had Photoshop and knew how to use it, it could have been really fun to try it on there. It could have been Where’s Sharon? instead of Where’s Waldo? πŸ™‚

Since that idea is out the window, I got to thinking and remembered a post I did years ago, back in April of 2006, (I had to look it up to find the date!) where I had childhood pictures of me and some of my second oldest sister who looked a lot like me as a child. I made it in to a little fun quiz of sorts where I had people guess which pictures were ME and which were of my sister. While this whole idea may NOT exactly fit the Hidden Challenge exactly, to me, it fits it in a fun way! Since people who read my blog don’t know my face as well, I am putting a more recent picture of me first to compare. I think it may actually be more fun for you guys, because it’s more of a challenge! Family members are open to play along too, but just say the numbers you pick as me and don’t give it away by saying something like, “This one is definitely you, Sharon, I was there!” No giving it away! Some of my family and close friends may STILL get it wrong anyways because me and my middle sister looked a LOT alike as kids but not so much now!

Now for the childhood pictures!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

If you would like to participate, just leave in the comments the numbers you think are ME. I will reveal the answers at the end of my Saturday post, so hopefully that will give enough people time to guess. I don’t have any prizes to give away or anything, it’s just for fun, but I WILL say congratulations to the first NON family member person to get them all right or the closest number right and maybe do a special post dedicated to your blog or something? πŸ˜‰ We’ll see!

Hope you enjoyed my take on this week’s challenge!


Giving Thanks Day #3: Today, I am thankful for my husband, flaws and all. He finally got a CPAP machine for his Sleep Apnea yesterday and as I saw him sleeping while wearing it, a lot of thoughts crossed my mind. One was how cute he looks in the funny and strange looking mask. Another was how him wearing a mask to help him breathe also makes me think about his health and our life together and gives me a reality check. The mask could just as easily be a respirator in the hospital or something and I could be looking at him hanging on to life, you know? Seeing him with the mask on is like this very real reminder that life isn’t always guaranteed, for me, for him or for anyone. Knowing that my husband could get into a car wreck tomorrow or really just anything could happen to him and I could be alone scares me. Not because I think I HAVE to have a man in my life BUT because he is my husband and I love him. Losing him would truly NOW be losing a part of my heart. He is the first thing I see when I wake up and the last thing before I go to bed at night. Even when we fuss and fight, I can’t imagine a day where I would wish him gone from my life. When I see people that have lost their husbands or ones like my niece, who was away from hers for so long while he was fighting for our country, it really makes me be thankful each and every day that I have him, not only in my life, but beside me, day in and day out. I am so lucky and blessed and today, I am taking a moment to say Thank you to my husband for being in my life and giving me great big teddy bear hugs when I need them! I love you and I thank God for you!


  1. I want to say #4… but you are about the same age as my daughter so the black & white makes me think I’m wrong. πŸ˜€

    May you and your husband be blessed with many wonderful years together!


    1. Yea, I wore some of my sister’s hand me downs as well! My mom has confused me and my sister in our old pictures so it doesn’t surprise me that other parents might get confused with their own as well! πŸ™‚


  2. alright I’m not even sure here…and I’ve known you all my life…and you did look alot like mom and Aunt Sherri…anyways 2,5,7,9,and 10? I know I got at least 1 wrong though…probably more…


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