I just thought I would share some great Halloween tunes to get you in the Halloween spirit tomorrow. Some of these are spooky and ooky and others will just make you laugh! Enjoy!

1) Monster Mash-Can you have Halloween without this song? Seriously? An oldie but goodie! 🙂

2)Thriller by Michael Jackson-Another obvious song to pick! Great song and creepy video, I remember watching this as a little girl and being entranced by it! This is a super long music video, by the way, at over 13 minutes….they don’t make many videos like THIS anymore! If you have never seen this video, you really MUST watch it at least once!

3.)House of 1000 Corpses Theme Song-Creepy music here!

4.)Ghostbusters Theme Song-This is a fun and kid safe song! 🙂

5.)Walking Zero by Sneaker Pimps-This is a song by a band from way back in 1997…I admit to being a fan of their music and sound and I still love the album this song came off of…While I’m not sure if it can rightfully be called a creepy song, the mood is somber throughout but a very “catching” beat…and I have yet to figure out why  there is “blood on my shoes”

6.)Tubular Bells by Robert Miles…Better known as the Exorcist Theme Song-One of the MOST creepiest movies ever, in my opinion AND one of my favorite horror movies

7.)The Howling by Within Temptation-One of my favorite bands of all time…I was going to put this anyways but apparently there’s a newer version of the video that works for this even more, so yay! I dare you to check this out!

8.)Calling all the monsters by China Anne McClain-Ok, I admit here and now I still watch Disney shows AND I’m not a parent so make fun of me all you want! For those with kids that love Disney, you may or may not have heard this song from the star of the Disney Show A.N.T. Farm….This is a family friendly, fun Halloween song

9.)Living Dead Girl by Rob Zombie-Cool black and white movie effects in the video with a zombie girl, what’s more Halloween than that? And actually, 95% of his songs could probably fit in the Halloween, spooky category

10.)”This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas

11.No one Lives Forever by Oingo Boingo-The video with this has Disney Halloween scenes

And that’s all, folks! I know there are other more popular and well known ones I could have picked, but I tried to pick some lesser known songs. Hope this put you in a Halloween spirit!


  1. WoW! You covered a lot of territory here. I’m impressed with the list of videos you offered. I love that Monster Mash even though I’m not a Halloween fan. Happy Halloween! 🙂


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