I heard about this Meme from Tom Baker over at Morning Erection(For those who have never been to his blog, have no fear, it’s not really dirty and naughty..Don’t judge a blog by the name!) Here is the information on what it’s about, copied from his post and if you’re interested, stop by his page and tell him you want to join!

The idea of the meme is to post questions that many bloggers will answer and do so on the same day and time. Then visit other bloggers, read their responses and leave meaningful comments. Many new friendships were made last year that still exist today and many new readers were gained for many bloggers. Last year Sunday Stealing found my blog and posted their answers days in advance of the day we chose. No big deal, however this year I have taken steps to prevent the premature posting of answers. Here is how the 2011 meme will work.

1. If you want to participate, send a message to me(Tom Baker) using my contact page and in turn I will email you a copy of the meme questions.

2. You will compose your answers in a post along with the Meme graphic (grab from above) and schedule the post for December 11th at 12.01 am based on your time zone. Last year everyone posted at 12.01 but with 24 time zones we spent a lot of time waiting for some blogs to get posted. This year all posts will be simultaneous (data to be posted at a later date) based on time zones and not clocks.

3. A master list of everyone participating will be generated and posted along with your answers in December so you will be able to pick whose blogs you would like to visit.

Community Network Rules of Participation

You must agree not to post your answers until everyone else does.
You must agree that you will visit at least five blog links that you have never visited before and leave a comment on their responses.
You must answer each of the twenty questions and do so with more than a simple yes or no response.
You must post the entire Master Meme Blog List of blogs participating, regardless of how long the list may grow to be, below your answered questions.
You must title your post the same as everyone else, “Community Network Meme 2011″.
You must direct all interested parties to Morning Erection’s Contact Page to get the questions. You may not give them a copy of yours. Remember, we are trying to avoid Sunday Stealing from stealing and posting before December 11th.
You must promote the Community Network Meme at least once on Facebook or some other form of social media, even if it is just your own blog to get more bloggers to participate. Provide the link back to your original post so they can post this in its entirety on their blogs, just like we did.
If you would like to participate and write the post in your language and not English, feel free to translate it or you could post both translations.
Make sure to either vote for or like the post appropriately if on the WordPress platform.


(It looks to be a fun meme and I am excited to participate! I would love to see some of my favorite bloggers join!)


  1. Sounds very interesting… and I’m tempted but not sure I’m up for 20 questions especially if they are personal… will think on it. 😉 Have fun with it though and I’ll look forward to your answers. 🙂 Happy Halloween!


    1. I have the question list and while I am not allowed to give them out….I don’t think there was anything really personal on there…I was kind of worried about that very thing myself actually! I think the name of the blog I signed up with is misleading in that one might be afraid of very personal, inappropriate questions but it’s not really as bad as you might assume. In any case, if you ARE interested, I am sure Tom would probably let you look at the questions possibly and then reserve the right to change your mind?
      But I honestly don’t think you would…..the questions are probably not like anything you imagine they will be like! 🙂


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