It’s getting close to Halloween and I’m sure we all have seen specials about Haunted locations and houses plus the many scary movies, but what about towns and cities with just plain creepy names? Do you know any? I was curious and came across quite a few I would like to share with you…..Some of the names make me glad I don’t live there!

  1. Accident, Maryland-A small town said to have 353 people back in 2000; a person from here is called an “Accidental”….I don’t know about you, but I would not like to go by that!
  2. Bad Axe, Michigan-Named after a badly damaged axe found at the future site of the city….Besides the fact that axes have been used in slasher flicks, I want to shake my head at the craziness of naming a city after an old axe….but maybe it’s just me!
  3. Bat Cave, North Carolina-not even a town OR a city, but rather an unincorporated community named after a mountain that was named after the cave at the foot of it that inhabits many bats
  4. Casper, Wyoming-OK, so Casper is known as the Friendly Ghost so this isn’t that creepy….I just felt like mentioning it; Casper wasn’t named due to ghosts but rather because of a Fort Caspar it was established near that helped people cross the North Platte River by offering ferries
  5. Cut off, Louisiana-The name just makes me think of being cut off from civilization and I hear the tune from “Deliverance” play in my ears! Not sure of the origin of the name, although it appears to be a translation of the French words, “La Coupe”, but a look on the map doesn’t show it to be too cut off 🙂
  6. Devil’s Elbow-in California AND Missouri- Double Creepy! Both are little communities, but that’s about all I could find about the CA location…as for the Missouri community, it’s located on the infamous Rt. 66 and was named for a bad place in the Big Piney River that it is situated on…the bad place being known as “devil of an elbow”
  7. Devil’s Lake, North Dakota-Named after Devil’s Lake, that runs nearby this city
  8. Frankenstein, Missouri-Supposedly named after a man named Gottfried Franken, who donated land to build a church in this community
  9. Little Hell, Virginia-a community where apparently there’s just a “little hell”?
  10. Half Hell, North Carolina-This one is taking a little and turning it into 50%….Couldn’t find anything about “Half Hell” but there is a place in North Carolina called “Providence” that was formerly known as “Hell’s Half Acre”
  11. Hell, Michigan-Could this be the location of Hell on Earth? There are quite a few theories on why this city was named “Hell” but this city definitely seems to love it! They have an ice cream shop here called “Screams Ice Cream”, a small general store called “Hell in a Handbasket”, and they have a car club called, “Just Hearse’N Around”. Just this year, they set a Guiness World Record for the Largest Parade of Hearses…if you like kitsch and craziness, this spookily named city might be a fun trip for you!
  12. Hell for Certain, Kentucky-I wonder if “Hell, Michigan” runs a competition against this area….The theory on the origin of this name was that a preacher coming home from the area was asked where he went and replied, “I have no idea, but it was hell for certain.” The only thing that IS certain is that Hell in Michigan is more famous…
  13. Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina-Interesting name origin here…Ships that wrecked near here would be scavenged for rum and some of it hidden in the sand dunes around this area. The English were then calling rum, “Kill Devil”, so the Hills became known as “Kill Devil Hills” or Rum Hills. Nearby this town is Kitty Hawk, cited as the location for the Wright Brothers airplane flights…the flights are actually said to have occurred HERE in Kill Devil Hills instead.
  14. Satan’s Kingdom, Massachusetts & Vermont-Both communities….nothing much else said…I guess his kingdoms are pretty secretive?
  15. Scary,West Virginia-located at the mouth of Scary Creek
  16. Slaughter, Louisiana-Recently designated a town in 2002…home of Slaughter Elementary School…Anyone else get chills from that?
  17. Slaughter Beach, Delaware-3 different stories about the origin….One is that it came from William Slaughter, a local postmaster. The second is that it was named after the horseshoe crabs that wash ashore every year and die…and the third comes from a local legend of a man who slaughtered inhabitants by cannon to prevent a massacre….Pick which one you prefer!
  18. Transylvania, Louisiana-named after Transylvania University in Lexington, Kentucky…which is still around today. The general store here sells Dracula and bat related merchandise. Way to make a profit out of your name!

And this is where I am ending the list, although there were many more names I could have included. Have YOU ever been to any of the places I mentioned? Do you know of any other spooky named towns that you would like to add to this list? I would LOVE to hear!


  1. Very interesting . . . and very creepy!

    I definitely don’t think I could send my daughter to Slaughter Elementary School!

    This made me laugh — “Hell for Certain, Kentucky-I wonder if “Hell, Michigan” runs a competition against this area”


    1. Well…It did seem to me from reading the names that Hell for Certain, Kentucky must have got mad at Hell, Michigan and then declared that they were Hell FOR CERTAIN instead of the town in Michigan!


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