I just love when it gets close to Halloween and the TV starts playing all these scary movies. This weekend I have been glued to AMC, also known as the American Movie Channel, watching their monthly horror marathon called Fear Fest. Today, there has been a lot of Zombie movies and it will all wrap up with the second episode of the 2nd season of the show, Walking Dead. Awesome show. If you love zombie movies but you’ve never heard of this show, then you are missing out!

It’s basically about a zombie apocalypse where survivors are few and based on a comic series of the same name, although the comic writer has admitted to making changes here and there so his comic fans will stay surprised and interested. I have actually considered reading the comics, but they have been out so long that I am not sure how to get them from the beginning.

I know there are those that are not big fans of horror movies, but I just love them. They are my ultimate guilty pleasure, but one I will freely admit to. And come on, while there is definitely gore and a creep factor involved in zombie movies, there’s some humor too. For instance, in a movie I watched today called, “Flight of the Living Dead”, (as if flying wasn’t scary enough!), an older lady gets turned into a zombie and it’s apparent she has lost her teeth when she attacks one of the non-zombies. “Ah, she’s gumming me to death!,” he screams as he pries her loose. Comedy found in a frightening situation. I just love it!

Now off I go for more zombie fun possibly followed by Vampires….I dvr’d the previously unseen “From Dusk to Dawn” trilogy the other night to watch. Cheers to all my fellow horror movie lovers!


  1. I love horror movies! And the Walking Dead is awesome! Can’t wait to see the 2nd episode tonight. Have you seen Zombieland? It is my favorite zombie movie, followed by Shaun of the Dead. ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. I know! They always leave us hanging! But that is one of the things I like about the show. ๐Ÿ™‚ I thought it was an awesome episode. Intense, sad, with a few humorous moments, just my kind of TV.


  2. I recently started watching The Walking Dead on Netflix. So far I love it. It scares the crap out of me sometimes, but it’s so much fun. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I agree with Paula that Shaun of the Dead has got to be one of the best, and funniest, zombie movies I’ve ever seen.


  3. Sharon, I didn’t watch all day on AMC but I did catch the Walking Dead. It is a great show and I had to find out what would happen to the kid who was shot. I admit that even though it is a great show, I was switching channels to Sunday Night Football to see my Indianapolis Colts play. My favorite Zombie movie has got to be 28 Days Later. It was a fantastic horror flick.


    1. I was so hoping they would give a definite answer about Carl, but not yet…..and judging from the sneak peek on Talking Dead, the show after Walking Dead where they discuss the episode….it looks like there is more on the edge of your seats anticipation to come!
      As for 28 days later, great movie….the guy who hosts Talking Dead actually corrected a call in viewer by saying that is was NOT a Zombie movie, but an outbreak movie. While I agree that it was definitely an outbreak movie, I think it is also a Zombie movie…..after all, aren’t most Zombies caused by some kind of an outbreak? Even if it’s just one zombie turning a bunch of people into zombies who then continue the path….which IS an outbreak?


  4. I LOVE horror movies, but I think they are way more fun to watch with someone else and sadly, my boyfriend won’t watch them with me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    From Dusk till Dawn was fabulous! I first saw it at a friend’s house about 10 years ago. I had no idea what it was about and he just put it on. By the time they showed the vampires, I was like WTF?! hehe . . . I have not seen the sequels though — I’m kind of scared to considering the brilliance of the first one.

    I’ve never been too into zombie movies – I’m more of a vampire fan ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Most of the time, I don’t mind whether I watch them alone or with someone else…but if it’s a really creepy scary movie that DOES scare me, I do prefer watching with someone.

      My husband said Dusk till Dawn was good, also. I still haven’t watched them but I will let you know if the sequels were good, too.
      I am pretty much an equal opportunity horror movie lover, I love Vampire films just as much as Zombie ones, if not more….I love them all, even old black and white ones! Although, I do have to say, I have never watched any of the Frankenstein ones…they just don’t intrigue me much.


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