Comfort means a variety of things- to soothe, console or reassure;bring cheer to; to make physically comfortable; to aid, support or encourage. Those are just a few of the definitions. I tried to find some pictures that represent things that bring me comfort in some of these ways.

Books are a huge source of comfort for me
My husband is great at comforting me!
Me with my nieces Rebekah, Lydia and Hannah

Being around family and friends that I love is another source of comfort for me.

Me with my bridesmaids-My source for comfort on my wedding day
This quote, found on a plaque at my sister's house, brings me comfort's all about comfort...and Texas doesn't get TOO cold 🙂
A drawing my talented niece Rebekah did...This is to represent how Music Comforts me
A Snuggle Teddy Bear---Teddy Bears are adorable and VERY comforting to snuggle with!


  1. Beautiful! I love your selection of things that give you comfort… I’ve been thinking about that photo challenge and love the way you tackled it. Good job! 🙂


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