OK, I probably lured Couponers here with the title and may have scared regular readers who are NOT into couponing. I, personally, think clipping coupons is very time consuming and as of yet, I have not been interested enough to get into it. I haven’t watched the shows and I don’t have much of a clue how all these double and triple coupons work, much less all these reward points. This post is not going to give you tips or advice on how to coupon. It’s more about a fun article I saw today on Cracked. com called “17 Coupons Too Awesome to Exist.”

You’re more than welcome to go look at the cool coupon ideas it has listed. I’m just going to mention each with a little opinion of my own to go with them.

Counting down backwards: #17-A  coupon for ONE more hour on your phone battery…Actually, the coupon says I-phone, but wouldn’t this kind of thing be nice for ALL cell phones? *If only there wasn’t that ONE time use clause*

#16-Someone else stands in line at the government office while you have lunch….or whatever else you want to do for two hours! *Hey, where was THIS when I had to renew my driver’s license?*

#15-Whoever is the recipient of THIS coupon MUST put a towel on….Meant for those in locker rooms who are notorious for letting it all hang out *I don’t frequent these areas much, so I would be giving this one away*

#14-Coupon for a Douche-free evening *How many girls would LOVE this one?!*

#13-FREE Forgiveness of Murder coupon, upon death…with choice of weapon *I don’t advocate murder, but I’m sure I’m not the only one who has dreamed of offing someone at least once in my life….I don’t think I would ever go through with it, though! This is NOT Valid in Texas or California, so I would have to move anyways….*

#12-Second vote in a federal election in 2012….*A legal chance to fill the ballot boxes, perhaps? This one is definitely not happening any time soon! Oh, and only for Democrats and Republicans….apparently, the other parties are excluded*

#11-Free Spelling and/or Grammar Corrections with any qualifying comment or post on the internet! *I would genuinely love this one to hand out….Can I make copies of it, too? 🙂 *

#10-Commit 2 felonies, get the 3rd one free! *Wow….never particularly found myself in need of this one and it stipulates that murder is NOT included, unless the guy was a real class act….(other word actually used but I will let you see for yourself!) This one is also void in Texas….quite a pattern going on here….so I have no need for it! *

#9-Coupon to skip ahead in a DVD straight to the movie *OK…most DVD’s will allow me to hit the skip or forward button, but there are some that seem to think I need to see the same previews over and over again….My #1 dislike is that annoying commercial for DVD’s, Blue rays, and Online watching…UGH! I will take this one, too, please!*

#8-80 points off your next cholesterol test….*I don’t need this NOW, but there doesn’t appear to be an expiration date, so I shall put this away for safe keeping!*

#7-A coupon for a Free night of Ridicule *Only Valid for Males…and they can have this one!*

#6-One advertisement free day-*At first glance, this coupon seems like paradise, until you read the fine print….24 hours in a locked, plain white room with all white clothing…nothing is allowed in from the outside world….I think I will take the advertisements, please!*

#5-One free life…redeemed at time of death *Get back to me later on this one…not sure if I would use it or not*

#4-One free Trade-In with purchase of Gerber Life Plan…*My first thought was a Trade in on yourself, but then once I saw a dirty(covered in mud) baby next to a clean, pretty baby…..No thanks, I will just take the baby I get some day!*

#3-Get out of Tax Free-*I haven’t had to pay back any taxes yet….but I would LOVE to just not have to do them for once AND still get money back? Unfortunately, the coupon doesn’t say if it works that way….*

#2-A Coupon to Banish Trolls…..OK!

#1-Recipient must pretend to give a care about whatever you’re talking to them about, at least for a socially acceptable period of time….*Not sure I would have picked THIS one as #1 and NOT just because it doesn’t work online or over social media. I think some of the other choices were personally more relevant to me….BUT if I’m honest, I would love to make an extra coupon for FREE cleaning! I’m sure other ladies out there would agree with me….That would be MY #1 pick! 🙂

If you could pick any coupon to make, no matter how crazy or impossible, what would YOU pick?


  1. I have no idea… this is overwhelming. I’ve watched a few episodes of the extreme couponing show on Bravo and while they save a lot of money, do they really need to buy 200 boxes of product X… Some of it is just darn weird. 🙂


    1. Yea….and it seems to be VERY time consuming as well….I think for some people, it has become an addiction where they actually get a sort of “high” from seeing how much they can get for nothing OR almost nothing…even IF, like you said, it’s something they don’t really need.


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