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On to the questions!

1. What is your go to comfort food or sweet? Pasta…definitely Pasta! Not sure what percentage of me is Italian, but I know I have some in me and obviously the little I have in me has a strong love for the stuff. I just can’t resist and if there’s one type of food that always makes me happy…this is it!
2. What is the most romantic place you’ve ever been to? Oh, wow…I don’t know. Maybe this means my husband needs to take me to one soon! *Hint, Hint!* 😉
I’m not that picky, really, when it comes to this kind of stuff….any place where we can go, just the two of us, and spend time together. Almost any place can be made romantic…
3. What is your favorite thing about fall/Halloween? This is 2 questions in one, really…Favorite about Fall is the cooler temperatures, the wind rustling through the newly fallen leaves making the colors of Fall show off in full display….My favorite thing about Halloween is the marathons of Horror movies and the cute, little kids dressed up in costumes
4. How would you spend 24 hours alone? I don’t have kids yet, so I actually still have this privilege at times and other than doing the necessities of life, I spend it reading and watching shows I love, blogging, checking Facebook, and chatting with friends
5. Does your husband bring you flowers? Are you the bring-me-flowers type of girl? He has in the past a few times and he has told me he was going to go buy me some flowers (He is bad about telling me what he’s getting BEFORE hand) and I always tell him not to because they die so quickly and I feel like it’s wasting money…..I do LOVE flowers, especially roses. They are beautiful and I DO love getting them. When you live on a tight budget, it’s hard to find reason for it, though. I think if my husband was to just go out and get them and surprise me with them, rather than tell me before hand, I would accept them and be happy to get them. I might still gripe a bit about the cost, but secretly, I would love it….I would just rather be surprised…if I KNOW he’s going to buy them, I just feel like there’s no point…


  1. Good answers Sharon. I think my favorite comfort food is French Fries. I’m learning how to become a vegetarian so I will need a new comfort food. As far as a romantic place… I like cabins in the winter when it doesn’t start to snow until you get there! A nice roaring fire and wine – lots of wine and good food.


    1. I didn’t know French Fries had meat in them….does it have to do with the way they are cooked and you’re just trying to eat healthier overall as well as going vegetarian?
      The only snow I have seen where I live in Texas is about 2 inches that doesn’t end up sticking LOL


  2. I have to smile reading your last question because the only times when I didn’t have fresh flowers on a regular basis was when I was married. Yes, I buy my own, usually cheap bouquets from the grocery store or I’ll go in a florist and pick out one or two stems. (Except when I had the house, I grew flowers all around, lots and lots of daisies, cone flowers, roses, night blooming jasmine, honeysuckle, morning glories, daffodills, love-lies-bleeding, pansies, etc., etc.) Perhaps your hubby can buy you a potted miniature rose? Usually less than five bucks and it won’t die… enjoy it in the house awhile and re-plant it outdoors.


    1. Sounds cool…never knew about a potted miniature rose!
      I live in an apartment, though, so I can’t do the planting 😦 The only area outside considered “ours” is the cement porch…the rest of the dirt and grass is considered common area so we can’t do anything with it


      1. My advice to you: stay away! That stuff is highly addictive (because it’s so yummy). I eat it by the spoonful (a common way in Europe) and it grosses out my husband. Hey, he eats in many more gross ways, so I don’t think he’s got anything to say about it!


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