A word of advice to anyone else who ever has had Writer’s Block: It’s even more frustrating if you wait to the last minute to deal with it. Such as I have tonight….No matter what ideas come into my head, I have to shove them out, one by one, because all of them would take me too long to use for a post when I have about 20 minutes left to get one in. Yea, yeah, I know….the last thing anyone else cares to read about is my frustration, but darn it if I’m not too honest in posting exactly what I feel.

As I was looking through prompts, one DID stand out, though. I found one that suggested telling a family anecdote. One of those funny stories that is told over and over. There was one such incident I remembered being told about, but as it happened years before I was ever even thought about, I am going by my memory to relay it.

My Uncle(my mom’s only brother) was playing outside and saw a cute little baby animal…that just so happened to be a skunk. He decided to run after it and try to play with it and yep, he got sprayed. He came home and his mom(My nanny) immediately noticed the smell, asked what happened, and got told about the baby skunk. Then followed a lot of baths and scrubbing and washing of clothes. After washing clothes, they were set outside to air out, but even this didn’t make the smell go away. This was back in the 1940’s, so if a kid ruined their shoes, they would have to go barefoot or deal with it for a while. Parents couldn’t always afford to buy new shoes, especially since his shoes weren’t that old yet. So the next day, he had to go to school with his shoes that stunk and he, himself, still stunk for a bit. In fact, he smelled SO bad that the teacher had to sit him in the back of the class near a window and set his shoes outside until class was over. From that day on, my uncle steered clear of baby animals that he didn’t know what they were AND definitely away from skunks.

I wish I could tell the story as well as my mom or Nanny, who were there at the time, but I have a feeling it’s a story they will always be able to tell well due to the fact the smell was permanently fixed in their memories!


  1. our family story is about blue jays. When i was little, maybe 5 or 6, my mom had to run to the store and i was in charge of my younger siblings (4 and 3 years old, maybe). it was a different era, no big deal about leaving me in charge back then. i caught my baby sister running to pick up a baby blue jay, and i knew, even back then, not to mess with a mama bird. sure enough, the mama jay came and pecked my baby sister on the head. well, what we did back then, when we had a boo boo, was pour iodine (we called it monkey blood) on a wound. so, i poured it on my sister’s head. my mom said she looked liked she had an orange beanie!!! i was just taking care of my sister the way i was told to, and to this day, we still talk about this!!!


  2. It must be difficult to ahve lived in the 40’s where a child just appreciated the fact he had one pair of shoes. Now many kids want the latest and the best.
    Still it taught your uncle a lesson he would not forget about life! I wonder what lesson kids today learn…


    1. Very true…..I had the privilege of growing up having more than one pair of shoes and plenty of clothes so I, myself, don’t even know what it was like. You raise a good point….Maybe the world would be better if people actually ALL knew what it was like to do without things we all seem to take for granted…like an extra pair of shoes….


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