This is a meme I stole from Dayle who stole it from The Geeky Shopaholic.

A. Age: 27 for 2 more days, then 28

B. Bed size: King

C. Chore that you hate: Washing dishes and cleaning the bathroom! YUCK!

D. Dogs: None at our apartment but we do have one at my parents…her name is Angel and she is a rottweiler/beagle or a rottabee! Because she is half rot, the apt. won’t allow her here…they don’t accept aggressive breeds

My dog, Angel

E. Essential start to your day: Besides going to the bathroom, it really differs

F. Favorite color: PURPLE

G. Gold or Silver: Silver…if gold, then white gold. I just find it prettier!

H. Height: 5’5″

I. Instruments you play: My Voice 🙂 I can play a teensy tiny bit on the piano

J. Job title: Housewife and Aspiring Freelance Writer; Student(again…possibly soon)

K. Kids: Not yet, but I want a bunch someday! 🙂

L. Live: Lufkin,TX

M. Mother’s name: Juanita (Spanish name but she’s not even a dot Spanish)

N. Nicknames: Sharebear, Shar, Shazter

O. Overnight hospital stays: 2 nights after my foot surgery

P. Pet peeves: Talking on the phone, especially to strangers…Dishonesty

Q. Quote from a movie: This is one of them…”A woman is like a rose, if you tend to her, she’ll bloom, if not, she’ll wilt” (Memoirs of a Geisha)

S. Siblings: 2 older sisters, one 48 and the other 44, and 1 older brother, who will be 38 in October

U. Underwear: None of your business! :p

V. Vegetable you hate: I dislike Lettuce but I will eat it….Are Onions veggies? I always forget. I definitely hate Onions…and celery.

W. What makes you run late: Sometimes my husband, but I don’t run late much. I’m a very early or on time kind of girl.

X. X-Rays you’ve had:  My foot when I broke my fibula and my lower abdomen(check for endometriosis once)

Y. Yummy food that you make: I make a mean Macaroni and Cheese! 😉 It’s da bomb!

Z. Zoo animal: Like a favorite? I just like the itty bitty baby ones….they are so cute!


    1. Yep, on Saturday! 🙂 Supposed to go out with my mom and husband tomorrow for lunch and maybe look around the stores some…was supposed to go out of town but plans fell through on that. I will probably spend Saturday watching movies and playing board games with my husband, LOL


  1. I love we’re all thieves! lol Angel is so cute! She doesn’t look aggressive to me. 🙂 I hate onions too. I don’t mind the taste, the texture is just gross. Ick!


    1. Hehehe! I try to only be one if I ask permission to steal first, though! And I only steal memes and challenge ideas pretty much. I would never steal someone’s work and pass it off as my own or anything. She’s not that aggressive to people, but she is definitely got beagle in her. She has killed many small critters that have had the misfortune of roaming into my parent’s backyard. She mainly just barks A LOT…
      I don’t like the taste or texture but my Mom LOVES them!


  2. “M. Mother’s name: Juanita (Spanish name but she’s not even a dot Spanish)”

    I LOVE that! I don’t know why, but I just do!

    I’m fairly certain that onions are vegetables, but I cannot find a definitive answer. I do know that tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and squash are all fruits though . . . and apparently (in my search for “are onions a vegetable” I discovered this) corn is a fruit too . . . each itty bitty lil kernel is a fruit . . . there was a whole website comparing the cob to a umbilical cord and well, a bunch of other disturbing images that I won’t repeat 😛

    But more importantly, onions are sooooo yummy! I put fried onions on just about everything! 😀


    1. WHAT?! Corn is a fruit? OMG! I love Corn but I hate cucumbers and tomatoes….blecch! I like squash though…..can’t believe those are all fruits!
      My mom always teases that her mom must have named her Juanita because she KNEW she would love Mexican food and spicy stuff! 🙂


      1. I know, right?! I had no idea . . . I admit that I’ve been arguing with my boyfriend over having corn as a vegetable for dinner because corn is more of a starch (so having corn and mashed potatoes for dinner, as yummy as it is, doesn’t really satisfy the veggie requirement, and is quite bad for anyone trying to cut carbs). Upon further research (like a whole 2 minutes ago), all grains (which is what corn is) are technically fruit because they come from the reproductive part of the plant.

        You know, I totally don’t know why this fascinates me so much and I’m probably boring you to tears . . . *if* you’ve continued reading 😛

        One more quick interesting bit . . . Tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, etc. while scientifically fruits, are legally vegetables . . . something about overseas purchases/trades and whatnot and the government actually made a ruling saying that because they’re eating like vegetables, legally they will be vegetables 😛


  3. I love purple too… You have such great answers and perhaps that is why you enjoy those informational prompts… 🙂
    Finally catching up again… where did the time go? Phew! 🙂 Happy Birthday! Haven’t forgotten. 🙂


    1. Thank you! Time flies when you’re having fun! 🙂
      A fellow Purple lover…I knew there was some reason why I liked you so much! Not sure why I love doing these types of things, they are just fun, I guess! 😀


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