To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading? Still reading “Welcome to the World, Baby Girl” by Fannie Flagg

What did you recently finish reading? Nothing recently, BUT I forgot to post a few weeks back when I finished a daily reading book called “The Women’s Book of Confidence: Meditations for Strength & Inspiration” by Sue Pattom Thoele. I had been reading it since about March, either daily or every other day, just a page or two. It had some really good little confidence boosters in there!

What do you think you’ll read next? Last week, I put down “Relentless” by Dean Koontz as my next read and I still plan on doing so BUT this weekend, I will be going to a Half Price Books a couple hours from where I live. Therefore, the next book I read could be subject to change depending on what books I find there! I am so excited! Going to the book store for me is like waving candy in a little kid’s face. 🙂

Coming up, starting the day of my birthday, Sept. 24th, is Banned Books Week. I have never known much about it before but I have read a little now. It seems that it’s more about books that have been challenged this year instead of actually banned. In fact, in the U.S., we are pretty lucky in that not many books are actually banned here anymore. Other countries still do so but here, they are just more challenged. Schools can refuse to carry books and stores can choose which ones to sell, but overall, you can go somewhere and find any American made book, even if you have to go online. I think, as long as we have people, books will ALWAYS be challenged. The books that people choose to challenge are sometimes strange, though. For instance, I was shocked to learn the top 10 challenged books of last year and the year before had the infamous “Twilight (Series)” by Stephenie Meyer. I have read those books and found nothing bad about them, personally, so this still seems odd to me.

What do you think of Banned Books Week? Do you have any strong opinions on any of the books that have been challenged over the years? Do you agree with some of the ones that were? And do you think a book anywhere should EVER be banned? I would love to hear your opinions! 🙂

If you would love to hear more about Banned Books Week, I really suggest checking out my friend Dayle’s blog during it, Sept. 24th-Oct. 1st. She is doing research on it and plans to do a blog daily discussing some of the books! I can’t wait to read them! 🙂


  1. Thank you so much for mentioning my blog! I still have to hit the library, but there are definitely a bunch that I’ve already, so I have few days covered already 🙂

    You’re right, banned typically means challenged or banned from one or two particular locations. Obviously, there’s a certain degree to which books shouldn’t be allowed in schools (The Joy of Sex or Kama Sutra for example :P), but most books that have been banned from school libraries are just ridiculous. And I oppose any book being banned from a public library! Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Press . . . these ideals need to be upheld! Without them, we lose what greatness is left in this country . . . And I’m going to stop there because I need to save some material for my blog 😛


    1. I can understand books being challenged for being put in a school library or for required reading, if it’s a book like what you mentioned….but like you also said the ones that HAVE actually been banned from schools don’t make much sense.
      I also agree with none being banned from a public library…at that point, it is a choice what books YOU check out for yourself and your kids.


  2. Maybe Twilight has been banned because it’s boooring? Actually I have no idea about the books but after making the effort to watch the movies and see what the big deal is all about, I can’t find the strength to read the books. So I’m banning them myself! 😉


    1. LOL…you know, I don’t like the movies either….I keep hoping maybe the future ones will get better once it gets more involved with the story, but nope….hasn’t happened yet. I waited for both of the first 2 to come out on DVD and rented them from Redbox….I have yet to see the 3rd one, haven’t decided if I even will.
      I started reading the books back before there was even talk of a movie….I was in Indiana and had read all the books I had with me and since I was away from all my books at home in Texas, I decided to look at one of the books my younger niece was reading. I read the inside cover of Twilight and it seemed kind of interesting, so I thought, what the heck? I ended up really liking the series and then reading each other book as it came out. I still think the books are good, BUT I wouldn’t go as far to put them on par with classics or say it’s BRILLIANT writing. They are easy to read, young adult books meant to interest pre-teens and teens more than anything and that’s what I took them for. The movies suck compared to the books…and the acting isn’t that great either.
      I will say that after Twilight came out, Stephenie Meyer released her first book targeted to adults called “The Host” and that book, to me, was 100 times better. It’s of a sci-fi nature too, but much more advanced ideals than vampire and werewolf love triangles…..I wish she made more like it…..


      1. I had decided not to read the Twilight books because I heard they were bad enough not to waste my time, so I opted for the movies instead. Which were very disappointing, as I found them boring and you’re right, very bad acting. But at least I can do something else while I watch a movie, unlike reading a book…


      2. HAHAHA! True!
        If a movie doesn’t hold my attention, I usually get online on my phone(or on the computer when it was in the same room as a TV)…look through a magazine or something…If I’m reading a book that’s boring enough…I would probably just forget it and stop reading…..but that’s a pretty rare occurrence for me. Normally I can find something in a book to keep me interested…


      3. Well….I guess that’s not true for when I was in school and college and had required reading in textbooks…..but I didn’t have much choice there, I needed good grades!


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