Gym Class. The teacher tells you to balance on one leg. There’s always going to be at least one kid who has horrible balance, wobbles precipitously at the point of collapse, but then at just the right moment finds your shoulder and grabs on to it to avoid a fall. The student who was always reaching for another’s shoulder? That would have been me. I blame my Mom, she has always had bad balance and so have I. After hours spent trying to teach me to ride a bike, my friend gave up. The old “let go and don’t tell her” method failed. It didn’t matter if you told me or not, the second someone let go, I was down for the count.

I still have bad balance. There are times when I can be standing still and all of a sudden, it’s as if I was standing on a balance beam when I am on flat ground. I think this is one of the reasons why I have unconsciously always been a safe and careful driver. Lord only knows what I would do if I got pulled over and made to walk a straight line! I seriously think the officer would think I was drunk….hey, but at least I know my ABD’s….I mean ABC’s! 🙂

But enough about me and my balance, or lack thereof. What I really want to talk about is what a few of those that are gifted with great balance choose to do with it. For example, the highly popular new trend of Planking. If you are one of the few who may not know what this is, it apparently was something started in the army and think of it as pretending to be a plank. As in what pirates made people walk(Shout-out a day after Pirate Day!)

You lay horizontally across an object or the ground, pointing your fingers towards your feet and taking on the shape of a plank. I originally found out about this through one of my nieces who had a picture taken of her planking across two railings that were beside steps. As you can imagine, it can be dangerous depending on where you do this activity and you might also get some weird stares. Since I won’t dare to try planking, I will show you a picture of an example of it.

Girl planking across folding chairs

And here’s a cute planking picture…just for fun.

Dog planking...or just stretching out! 🙂

So, while I have to admit I think planking seems strange (at least the urge to do it in the strangest places), I don’t think it’s the worst thing for someone to be doing. Yesterday, I heard about a new trend that takes Planking to a new level. This new trend, called Plumbking, is extremely weird and not in the least entertaining to me. There’s a bit of a hint in the name….Imagine someone planking diagonally into a toilet. At first, I figured this had to be a prank, right? Who would do such a thing?

Well, it’s a real trend and even more extreme than planking was. Why? Because it’s unsanitary, for one. Not to mention, the idea of anyone conquering boredom while doing a headstand into the toilet(except hands by your side), just seems utterly idiotic!

You ever have those moments where you hear or see something completely moronic and wonder what is the world coming to? Well, I just had one and I have a feeling I won’t be the only one after seeing this picture. If you want to stand on your head THAT bad, it seems like there is a million other likely places other than a toilet. Seriously?!

It’s a good thing your head is covered, Mr. Anonymous Plumbking Guy. Somehow I don’t think your family, future wife or boss would care to know what you do in your free time.


  1. OMG Sharon – what will they think of next? How awful to be that bored. The guy should go to the library and get a good book to read, or perhaps take a walk outside in the fresh air. In any event, I agree it is WEIRD!!


    1. LOL, I’m sorry! I hadn’t heard about it either until I saw something about it on The Stir( a blog on Cafe Mom)….I’m not a mom so who knows why I read their posts at times!
      I just found it disturbing enough to blog about!


  2. I can see “plumbking” in a brand spanking new toilet that has never seen a sewer pipe, drop of water, or anything else – yeah, like down at the hardware store. That must have started by plankers playing Truth or Dare. The dog planking is cute!


    1. Really? How funny! I have friends who watch the show but I never have….not because I’m not interested, just haven’t. It’s on Netflix Instant Watch, though, so maybe I will watch some from the beginning one of these days! 🙂


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