Never been a big fan of the game of Truth or Dare and when I DID play it, I was one of the ones who ALWAYS picked Truth and was picked on for it. I’m a honest person so Truth never bothered me. There wasn’t much someone could ask me that would bother me TOO much where I wouldn’t answer. And to be 100% honest, while playing Truth, how do you really know the other person IS being truthful, huh? Or bending the truth a little, for that matter?

With a Dare, you either do it or you refuse to and get teased for NOT doing it. With Truth, you answer and it’s between you and you alone whether you answered indeed truthfully or not.

The reason I think I detested dares so much is because I came up with some pretty dastardly dares for my friends who were daredevils. I guess I always assumed if I came up with such dares that I wouldn’t do myself, then what kinds of things might someone else come up with for me? I would just rather skip it….

I remember daring one of my best friends to eat a crazy concoction I made and she did it, but I don’t know how she could stand it. Let’s just say I got a bowl and mixed together pretty much every sauce and condiment I could find in the fridge. It was very disgusting and made me sick even looking at it. Even so, my friends were the type to always pick Dare.

Me and my friends…Opposites. I pick the Truth, they pick the Dare.

The few times I picked Dare, I probably chickened out over half the times. Me and Dares are just not good together. In fact, I remember one time where I DID my Dare but ended up getting in trouble by my parents for it. It wasn’t anything worse than any one else’s dares, but mine just got found out and tattled about by a younger family member. Maybe it was a sign that I wasn’t meant for Dares?

What did you always pick in a game of Truth or Dare? As a bonus, I’ll play Truth with you right now. Ask me a question and I will answer in the comments. 100% Truth. Come on, ask away, I DARE YOU! 🙂

Easiest Dare you will ever get!


  1. Oh gosh, it has been so long since I played that game – I must have always picked Truth as I can’t recall any Dares. Maybe the Dares were extremely mild. (I can’t believe you made that concoction for your friend’s Dare – it sounds nasty!)


  2. Haha, I’ve always really disliked and felt uncomfortable with the game Truth or Dare. The few times I did agree to answer I picked truth, because like you I knew the dares that would be come up with would be pretty embarrassing and things I wouldn’t want to do. I always try and avoid the game though, it was mostly started at sleepovers in 6th grade, and I knew that most of the people I was with couldn’t really be trusted with secrets. They always want to know who you like and that sort of thing, and if that got around I would have been embarrassed.


    1. Yea, I think I have only played it with family(my nieces since we were so close in age) and maybe 1 or 2 other best friends(so I could trust them)….I just knew that I could think up some pretty wild dares so I always imagined the crazy themes I might get dared to do and that scared me enough to always go, TRUTH!


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