I had it all planned out. Get on the computer for awhile, check my Facebook, look at blogs, do my daily blog….but before this, my husband was online. While he was on, he decided to start playing Angry Birds on the computer. Neither he or I had ever played this before. We don’t have a Smart Phone and I had never tried to play the computer version. I had heard that it was a fun game and addicting but that’s all I knew about it.

So he played and played…..it seemed like he was playing forever. Apparently, he got addicted to it. So I asked what you do in the game. He explained you shoot birds at pigs. My immediate response was, “That sounds stupid and boring, How could it possibly be so addicting?”

Open mouth, insert foot. I got on the computer and got busy doing other things and I couldn’t help but see the Angry Birds icon on my browser. After seeing it a few times, I thought I would experiment, play for a few minutes and see what is so darn interesting about birds and piggies. Big mistake. Who would have thought it could be so addicting?

So here I am….much later than I wanted to work on my blog today. I feel like I have wasted a bunch of time on a silly game but as I write this, it’s still open in the next tab over. AH! Looks like my topic for the day will be much different than I thought it would be yesterday.

But I’m blaming my husband…That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! 🙂

P.S. Do NOT try Angry Birds unless you want to become addicted t0o…this game should have a warning label! SERIOUSLY!


  1. My husband started playing angry birds on his cell phone a few months ago and couldn’t stop playing it. I thought it was the stupidest thing to do, especially on a small screen. It did take him quite a while to stop playing it but I think it’s because he now spends hours on Twitter. Why do people always replace bad habits with more bad habits???


    1. LOL, that’s so true, people DO tend to replace one with the other. I don’t know if Angry Birds would be as fun on a phone, actually. I’m going to try to stay away from the urge of putting it on there. I do intend to put Words with Friends on my phone if I ever get one where I can….but that’s basically like Scrabble, so that’s sort of educational, right? 🙂


      1. I already play Words with Friends on Facebook, but it’s with friends that only play it there so I make a move and then they usually don’t make the next move for hours, so not too much time wasted there.


    1. LOL, it’s not on my computer. It’s on my internet browser home page, you just click the button and it starts. I got stuck on the last level so finally gave up for awhile….I tend to get bored with things after a while, so I am hoping that will happen with this. I haven’t played in almost 24 hours now! 🙂


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