And NEVER jump out of a moving vehicle….unless you’re being kidnapped, I suppose.

WordPress has now added extra little prompts on the right side of the screen AFTER you post a blog. This prompt was to share something you have done that you would advise others not to do. Yes, I have jumped out of a moving vehicle and if you’re not one of the very few close to me that know about this, I suppose you are probably wondering WHY.

It happened in 8th grade as we were coming back to school from a field trip. We had a small class, probably about 6 or 7 kids. We had about 3 boys in the class and they liked to pick on me and annoy me, but for the most part, it wasn’t TOO bad. On the day we had come back from the field trip, I was just ready to get off the van and go home. It was the end of the day and I was just tired of it all.

The school I went to was a Christian one that was in a church building and they had a drive up area like hospitals have and then space for a couple extra lanes to be formed in front. We pulled up to the outside lane and the van stopped for a minute and I assumed that they were dropping us off there. To tell the truth, I also assumed everyone else thought so too. I was on the end of the seat so I was the one nearest the door and everyone was telling me to go ahead and get out cause they wanted to get out of the van. So between everyone hollering at me to get out and just wanting to go anyways, I got up and slid open the van door.

I don’t remember whether the teachers noticed or not, but right as I slid the door open, the van started moving. They were heading towards the side of the building to park the van. I was standing on the step at the side of the van holding on to the door and the inside of the van while it was moving. They didn’t have too far to go but I was already almost out, the door was open and it was hard to just stand there with it moving. My classmates were telling me to go ahead and jump so I decided to go for it while the van was going slower.

I would estimate that it wasn’t going any faster than 10-15 mph, if that, but obviously I was jumping out from a fixed standing position, so it wasn’t likely I would have landed on both feet. And I didn’t….I fell to my knees on to hard pavement. There I was in front of the building laying on the ground crying. People saw me, my mom saw me and it was embarrassing to say the least. My knees were cut up and sore but for the most part, my pride was bruised more than anything. My mom asked me why the heck I jumped out of a moving van and I told her the story. She didn’t agree with my idea to jump and neither did I, after the fact. From then on, I decided to wait until the vehicle was fully in park and whoever was driving either told me they were stopped OR the ignition was disengaged. No more jumping out of moving vehicles for me!


      1. That’s the best part of any story – getting people to look at you funny when you tell them little pieces of it 🙂 . . . My favorite is when I tell people I had my daughter’s 4th birthday party in a bar 😛


      2. Hehe . . . Ok, I’ll cliff notes this as best I can . . . Abby’s 4th b-day party was at Chuck E. Cheese, until the power went out! I’m standing there with my entire family trying to figure out what to do. My cousin, who’s a carpenter, was in the process of working on this bar that had had an electrical. They were almost finished fixing it up, but the bar was still pretty much gutted . . . and he had the keys! So we stopped at the dollar store to get decorations and target to get some toys . . . ordered a few pizzas . . . and had a party!


  1. and always keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop….. I’m glad you can laugh about this now. I can laugh too about the bullies who picked on me as a kid, but it took a long time to get there. I’m proud of you.


    1. I don’t laugh about the bullying and I never will….I can laugh at myself and the fact that I thought it would be fine to go ahead and jump while it was moving. Even if others were telling me to, I should have known better so I can laugh about that…..


  2. WoW! What a nasty bunch of kids… I do hope they all learn that being mean doesn’t pay.
    I’m glad you were okay as it is dangerous to hop off a moving vehicle…
    I wrote a blog post about my experience jumping off a bus in London… bad idea.
    TY for sharing this. 🙂


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