I’m not sure if others do this, but I like to check out the little box on my Dashboard labeled “Search Engine Terms” to see what people were searching for that brought them to MY blog. Sometimes I am shocked at what has brought people and I have often thought it would be interesting to keep account of some of the things for a month or two and then do a blog post about it.

Today, for instance, I found some intriguing terms in this box. I wasn’t surprised to see that people were brought here by searching about “drought in texas, the dead grass and the dead animals” because of the one post I did about my trip to Austin. I also wasn’t surprised that people found me while looking up “ghost writers OR Daphne du Maurier’s book, Rebecca”. These are ALL things I have mentioned lately. Lastly, I wasn’t surprised, though it gave me a laugh, that people looked up therealsharYN instead of therealsharON(the correct spelling) and found me. It happens….

What I was surprised to see is that someone searched for “pizza the action”….How funny! Sounds like Piece of the action!….and somehow found my blog. I do not remember blogging about pizza recently, if ever….and I wouldn’t classify any of my posts as being full of action. “I love my glasses” led someone to me. I admit to mentioning that I started wearing glasses at a young age but I believe I most definitely said I HATED them and I still do. Contacts all the way! “He eventually fell in love with me”<—It’s conceivable I may have used this very line once in the past. I think the surprise here was that someone searched THIS line in the first place, but then again, possibly not. It could have been a young girl pining away for a crush and wanting to read a story where love wins out in the end. The truth? Sometimes it does….but sadly, life is NOT a fairy tale.

The last search term? “Sixteen Candles Survey “I think so”……I have nothing to say about this. The movie, “Sixteen Candles” IS indeed a classic, but I have no idea what this person was searching for and how they ended up at my blog.

BUT to those who search for stuff and end up at my blog, on purpose or accidentally, you’re welcome to hang around anyways……I don’t bite, I promise. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. Yeah, lol, I get some pretty weird search engine results too, I have no idea how that search landed them on my site. Really strange! And this past month or so I’ve gotten thousands of spam comments all about kid porn or something, and it’s so annoying and I don’t know why suddenly I am getting all that spam or how to stop it. It goes to the Askimet thing but then if there are comments that are legitimate that get put in my spam comment, I’ll never know because there’s too many to sort through. :/ I just checked it now and I actually caught a legitimate comment on the first page luckily that I unmarked as spam…I keep emptying my spam folder but it fills up quickly.


    1. I despise the spam comments, but I always check them because I’ve had a few people’s comments go to my spam box for reasons I have yet to figure out!
      As for the kid porn issue, that is disgusting…I’ve been lucky to not get anything like that…Can you report that spam to WordPress…if so, I would do that!


  2. I often look at the search phrases, in fact every day.

    The funnest one ever: Why is piglets head stuck down the toilet.

    Now I don’t know if this searcher had sixth sense, but I had a stomach bug that day and indeed had spent the day with my head hovering over the loo.

    I was shocked…it was kinda spooky

    In fact I was saving a whole selection to make a post because some of them were so funny!


    1. That IS a funny thing to be searching for but then when I read what occurred to you the same day, I can also see where it would be creepy!
      I can only imagine what references to your blog title end up in search terms…..that shall be one funny post! ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. You should check out Tilly Bud at The Laughing Housewife. She makes a list once in a while of the search terms her visitors used and some of them are very, very puzzling! You’d think she makes those up, but unfortunately they are very real.


    1. I went to her blog once and I could have sworn I subscribed but I haven’t been getting her posts ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I keep forgetting to go and see if I need to resubscribe….Thanks for giving me a reminder!


  4. I love looking at the search terms too! It fascinates me. “Dr. Seuss” and “Puff the Magic Dragon” are the most common. Oh and “Mr. Messy.” (The Puff and Mr. Messy posts were writing projects I did with my daughter.) I had 676 page views on Roger Hargreaves birthday because of the Mr. Messy post ๐Ÿ˜›

    Looking at my “all time” search terms – 3 people searched for “toddler diarrhea diaper rash ointment” and found my blog, 2 people found my blog from “cheapest place to buy the baby bullet” – I found that funny since my post was about how the whole thing is stupid and a waste of money ๐Ÿ˜› I’ve also had, “it sucks that she’s happier without me,” “wishy washy five points toad” and “turned me into a toad.” I have no idea about the first one. I know the second two are just focused on the toad part, but it’s interesting ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the fun post!


    1. I have honestly never heard of Roger Hargreaves or Mr. Messy…but I HAVE heard of Dr. Seuss and Puff the Magic Dragon.
      The “Wishy Washy five points toad” makes me wonder what the heck they were looking for…..and “turned me into a toad” sounds like someone was mixing up the fairy tale of the Frog Prince a bit…..


      1. LOL . . . The “WIshy Washy five points toad” is my favorite ๐Ÿ˜›

        Ok, click here http://www.mrmen.com/ and then tell me that you don’t know who Roger Hargreaves is ๐Ÿ˜› . . . I won’t believe you until you click on that cause most people say, “Oooohhh yeah! I remember those books now!” hehehehe


      2. LOL
        I went to that site and honestly, No…..the little characters look vaguely familiar as if I have seen them somewhere at some time but otherwise, no. There’s no big recognition of reading the books, but I assume since it said 40 years that it’s possible I might have seen the characters as a little girl and just completely forgot….


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