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{September 8, 2011}   What brings you here?

I’m not sure if others do this, but I like to check out the little box on my Dashboard labeled “Search Engine Terms” to see what people were searching for that brought them to MY blog. Sometimes I am shocked at what has brought people and I have often thought it would be interesting to keep account of some of the things for a month or two and then do a blog post about it.

Today, for instance, I found some intriguing terms in this box. I wasn’t surprised to see that people were brought here by searching about “drought in texas, the dead grass and the dead animals” because of the one post I did about my trip to Austin. I also wasn’t surprised that people found me while looking up “ghost writers OR Daphne du Maurier’s book, Rebecca”. These are ALL things I have mentioned lately. Lastly, I wasn’t surprised, though it gave me a laugh, that people looked up therealsharYN instead of therealsharON(the correct spelling) and found me. It happens….

What I was surprised to see is that someone searched for “pizza the action”….How funny! Sounds like Piece of the action!….and somehow found my blog. I do not remember blogging about pizza recently, if ever….and I wouldn’t classify any of my posts as being full of action. “I love my glasses” led someone to me. I admit to mentioning that I started wearing glasses at a young age but I believe I most definitely said I HATED them and I still do. Contacts all the way! “He eventually fell in love with me”<—It’s conceivable I may have used this very line once in the past. I think the surprise here was that someone searched THIS line in the first place, but then again, possibly not. It could have been a young girl pining away for a crush and wanting to read a story where love wins out in the end. The truth? Sometimes it does….but sadly, life is NOT a fairy tale.

The last search term? “Sixteen Candles Survey “I think so”……I have nothing to say about this. The movie, “Sixteen Candles” IS indeed a classic, but I have no idea what this person was searching for and how they ended up at my blog.

BUT to those who search for stuff and end up at my blog, on purpose or accidentally, you’re welcome to hang around anyways……I don’t bite, I promise. 🙂

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