A few days ago, Daily Post showcased a prompt about writing a power sentence on every year of your life. When I read this, I admit I was thinking, “Cool idea, but very time consuming and I’m not sure my memory will be able to do so.” I know I may be only 27 but there are some years that start to flow into the next and things can get a bit fuzzy. Then as I was reading my subscribed blogs, I realized the prompt actually came from someone I follow!

After reading HER post on her life in 36 sentences, I felt almost compelled to now sit down and take the time to do this myself. I fought it at first but then when she questioned me about doing one and then told me if I did, she’d love to read it…Well, I gave in. It IS a prompt by a blog I LOVE and thoroughly enjoy and Heck, she even did it herself when she had just a few more sentences than me to come up with, so here goes. Not every year is exactly ONE sentence but I tried to shorten each yr. to the important stuff. Hope you enjoy…especially you, Stef!

1983- My oldest sister walked down the aisle with me still inside my mommy, but soon I would enter this world kicking and screaming.

1984-My recollections come from my mother’s stories, I started to walk and my first word was “Baby”. Apparently I LOVED babies.

1985-My one memory is near the end of ’85 when I became an Aunt and held my first niece.

1986-I loved to entertain the world through singing every chance I got and didn’t mind dancing while the mood struck me.

1987-My love for arts led to trouble when me and my accomplice(my niece) got caught coloring my brother’s bed sheets. My mom said I was trying to make them pretty 🙂

1988- I was a flower girl for my middle sister’s wedding and my oldest sister was pregnant during it. I later became an Aunt for the 2nd time and I was thrilled!

1989-I went from half days at Kindergarten to full days in first grade. I also started wearing glasses and hating it.

1990-The start of chronic migraines but also the glory of being an Aunt again!

1991-Had my handwriting messed up due to a teacher who criticized it for being always either too big or too small, but also learned the President song so I could name all the Presidents. I still know it to this day!

1992- Saw my 4th niece being born and got to hold her. Met my favorite teacher ever who told me I was a great writer and encouraged me to write.

1993-Made the first REAL best friend I ever had and became an Aunt yet AGAIN. Finally started understanding what being an Aunt meant and was in love with it.

1994-The last FULL year I lived in the city I was born and raised in.

1995-One of the milestone years in my life. My middle sister had her 2nd little girl who was hospitalized as a newborn for a respiratory infection. On the way to the hospital, me and my mom would get into a car accident that totaled our vehicle, but we were both OK. Started packing to move and had to say goodbye to my best friend. Before we could finish, our house caught on fire and I lived only due to my intuition.

1996-Our new city was small compared to the big city I grew up in. I got bullied and felt lonelier than ever. Fell down the stairs of my house and ended up with a torn ligament. By the end of the year, I finally found a new friend.

1997-The first time I had ever gone to public school. Made one friend in the whole school and everyone else seemed to ignore me or bully me. Home life wasn’t always so great because of my brother’s need to drink and then fight with my parents. My friend’s brother became my first boyfriend and my first kiss.

1998-Bullying at school got worse so I started missing more and more school. I got contacts to replace my glasses and got accused of trying to “fit in”.

1999-Dumped again by my bf, this time on Valentine’s Day. A guy asking me out at school turned out to be a joke that the whole school found funny and on top of the bullying, I was missing too much school. I was finally taken out and did homeschooling.

2000-Family from Indiana moved in with us which led to me and my 2nd niece, Beckah becoming really close. Homeschooling didn’t work out and I enrolled in an alternative school to finish on time.

2001-Finished 2 1/2 years of school in 6 months time to graduate on Valentine’s Day, making the day much better for me than past events did. Sang “Wind Beneath my wings” at my graduation ceremony in May and went on my first and only Missions Trip to Wales,UK in July. After my return, I started college as a Music and English double major, then 9/11 hit and the world was forever changed.

2002-Dropped the English major and went full out for Music, learned college was way different from High School but couldn’t seem to overcome the shyness from then. Found enough courage to audition and make All State Choir but got sick the second day of the trip and had to miss the performance. Ended up riding a Greyhound Bus for my first time ever at 19 from San Antonio to Austin to meet my family.

2003-Had my first surgery-A Tonsillectomy. Took a stumble and ended up breaking my fibula and detaching my deltoid ligament on the SAME day and almost the same exact time as my new and first nephew came into the world.

2004- Went back to college after missing a semester due to my fall then got back with my ex from high school, which turned out to be a big mistake. Made a big decision about my life.

2005-Lost 75 pounds due to my decision to make some changes. Gained the confidence to try out for a singing/dancing group and made it. I also signed up for Acting class, fell in love with it and got cast in my first play, “Reefer Madness”. Also was cast in “Babes in Toyland” where I met someone who would become one of my best friends.

2006-Music Theory drove me insane and Performing was growing to be a strong passion of mine so I made the big decision to drop Theory and change my major to Theatre two courses shy of completing my Music Degree. Became Sound Designer for “Yellow Boat” in which I used my voice for the baby’s cry and was Assistant Stage Manager as well as performing in Babes in Toyland for the 2nd year in a row.

2007-Got cast as Aunt Abby in “Arsenic and Old Lace”, where I ended up performing while sick with a fever, but still had fun! Went through a difficult time with men and love and wanted change. This led to me working at a preschool in Indiana for a few months in the summer. Came back home and took a semester off from college and met an older guy I knew in high school who I became engaged to within a week, set the wedding for a month away and had it canceled within a week OF the wedding. Not even 2 months later, I would get a message on Myspace from a guy, meet him and start dating him with the plan to take things SLOWER. Took a month long temp job at JCPenney during the holidays. Oh yeah…and became a GREAT Aunt! 🙂

2008- Played Charley’s Aunt in the play “Charley’s Aunt”. Finally graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Theater and Minor in Music. On July 19th, 2008, my MySpace man took me on a surprise picnic where he proposed to me. I said yes.

2009-Worked for the U.S. Census Bureau with one of my best friend’s mother-in-law’s and ending up having so much fun and becoming friends with her. Married my husband in a castle on July 19th, 2009….and got banned from Motel 6. (If you haven’t read my post on this…it’s NOT what you think!) 😉

2010-Worked for the U.S. Census Bureau again, but this time under different people and full of tons of drama that wasn’t on stage! Ended up becoming mainly a stay at home housewife due to physical reasons. Started this blog but didn’t use it much.

2011-Started the Post-a-Day Challenge on here and reinvigorated my love for writing as well as making some great new friends. Celebrated my 2 year anniversary with my husband. 🙂


  1. What a journey and you have made a success of it Sharon…
    I can’t help but feel sad about the bullying and the hurt you experienced, but you are stronger and better for it…
    Keep writing and all will come together for good. I’m so proud of you. 🙂


  2. You have done so many wonderful things Sharon. I am attempting to do this and it’s not posted yet. After seeing what you said and remember-I am so jealous…in a good way. I was bullied too in school. I was made fun of. I had a guy bet another guy in HS to date me just to feel me up to see If My boobs were REAL…then he left me sitting in a car…I found out later…but it was horrible. That was my freshmen yr. Ugh…humiliated.


    1. Kids can be really cruel and horrible sometimes….I feel bad for everyone has ever gone through what I went through and anything close as well as the ones that ARE going through it and will go through it. When I hear the stories of kids that gave into suicide due to bullying, it breaks my heart. I remember considering it myself when I was going through the tough bullying, but luckily, I pulled through enough to not go that route. I pray for the day when schools and teachers will take a strong stand against bullying.


  3. Sharon thanks so much for sharing. Wow – what a lot you have accomplished in such a short life. I am glad you got back into blogging and we became blogging friends. Keep up the good work. 🙂


    1. Thanks, it was interesting going back in time and remembering everything….I remembered a lot of things I hadn’t even thought of in years! I’m glad we became blogging friends as well! 🙂


  4. Sharon, I’m so excited you decided to do this! And I’m*truly* flattered by your incredibly kind words – thank you! 🙂

    1991: It’s amazing how teachers can influence us – in both directions. I also adore jingles that help me remember facts from my childhood – I love the one about the planets…

    Your adolescence sounds really quite painful; I have a lot of empathy in my heart for you. Your stories remind me of a friend I had in elementary/middle school…

    But then 2005 rolled around, and I found myself smiling at your determination and change in life. You go girl!

    Wow, that was some honeymoon…. 😉

    And here we are. I’m sorry to hear of your physical issues, but am delighted you have found passion in writing.

    Thank you so much for sharing your life! I love it. 🙂



    1. You’re welcome! I love reading your posts, they always give me a smile when I need it the most!
      The teacher that told me I was good at writing….I met her over a decade later at one of my niece’s school functions. She happened to be a teacher at the school and even though she hadn’t seen me in years, when she heard my name, she not only remembered me but also reminded me of my writing AND told me she still had a little calico cat I had given her one year. I didn’t even remember the cat myself until she reminded me! It really impressed me at how close she has always been with her students. She was truly a great woman! 🙂
      My life has definitely had some ups and downs but there were a lot of learning experiences and I feel like everything happened to make me who I am today. There are some moments I feel like shouldn’t have happened(like the bullying) but because of it, you won’t catch me ever bullying someone and I will be teaching my future kids how wrong it is!


  5. What an interesting idea for a post, featuring the ups and downs of life. Life really is a roller coaster, isn’t it? I wouldn’t even try to do this for myself. I barely remember anything for the first 10 years of my life, and I’m not sure I want to remember most of the rest! What can I say, I mostly like to look forward, not backward. Probably because my memory has failed me so much (for self-protective reasons, I think).


  6. We follow that same blog. I saw your link in her comment section and curiosity got the best of me. 🙂 Kuddos for overcoming adversity and going for your dreams! BTW, you married on my birthday.


  7. Wow this was really interesting to read! I loved it! It’s great that you could remember one standout thing for each year too, even at 18 I can’t even keep all my years straight, lol. It was great seeing the progression in your life and some of the difficulties and triumphs you had each year. Thanks for sharing it with us readers! 🙂


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