First of all, a very Happy Birthday to my niece Lydia! Wish I could be up in Indiana today to share the day with you!

September is my favorite month and not just because my birthday comes later this month! With September comes the end of Summer, which for me, is a blessing because summer in Texas is HOT! Even more so THIS summer. Here’s to a cooler September(please!) and the hopes of more very much needed rain this month, but not any massive hurricanes!

As always, you may answer these questions in your own blog or in the comments.

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On to the questions!

1. Shoes in the house – yay or nay? I can see the argument for removing shoes if they are muddy or really yucky at the moment, but otherwise, nah. We have a doormat right outside our door to wipe your feet on so I don’t see any reason to remove shoes. Unless I am laying down or sitting, I usually always have some shoes on. I find it painful to walk barefoot very much because I am flat footed.
2. What do you call them- flip flops, slippers, thongs, etc? I call them flip flops even though I realize the correct term for the ones I wear(that go through your toes) ARE thongs. I just find it strange to call my shoes thongs when there are panties called thongs. I get enough weird looks my way without having people look at me like, “TMI!” when I say, I am wearing my thongs today!
3. What song are you almost embarrassed to admit you know all the lyrics to? Oh my…you want me to admit this and then be hiding?! Ok ok…I was a total Pop girl growing up as a teen…I was a fan of all the boy bands, girl groups, pop singers, etc. So there’s definitely more than one song I am guilty of here…Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, we could continue…I know a LOT of the lyrics to pretty much ALL their songs…..and I still like most of them…don’t hate!
I will say that I do NOT know all the lyrics to any of Justin Bieber songs and I am proud of that fact!
4. What is the best quality to have in a friend? Well, first of all, Honesty is the best quality to have in anyone you associate yourself with…besides Honesty, I would say someone who has the gift of seeing beyond the superficial and into the heart of a person
5. Do you know what you want for Christmas? What I would really love for Christmas is to have ALL my nieces and nephews in Texas with me…That would be my ultimate dream.


  1. Sharon, it’s so great to meet you through the interview I did with Dayle and through Dayle’s blog! =) Any friend of Dayle’s is a friend of mine and I love the welcoming feel of your blog, encouraging everyone to interact and share! =)

    Here are my answers!
    1. Nay! I think it’s a Chinese habit to switch to slippers when we get home. =P
    2. Flip flops. I don’t know where this comes from. =P And I so hear you on the double meaning of “thongs”!
    3. Same here re: Backstreet Boys! I used to buy every single one of their CDs and theirs was the only concert I went to when I was young! =)
    4. Hmm… Reliability and I guess what I mean by that is trustworthiness. =)
    5. An Apple Thunderbolt display! Although that’s been my dream for some time now and it’s more like I’m saving up for it rather than hoping that someone will buy it for me. =P

    I love the idea of Five Question Friday as it has me reflecting on my life and habits! =)


    1. It was also great to meet you and I’m glad my blog feels welcoming! 🙂
      I’m glad to see you also have a WordPress blog, I’m going to go check it out!

      Hahaha, I’m glad someone else sees what I mean about the “thongs” thing! And a fellow Backstreet Boys fan, you must be around my age then, I’m guessing. I’m 27, soon to be 28.
      Trustworthiness is a great attribute in a friend as well! I agree with you there. What is an Apple Thunderbolt display? I’m kind of behind on all the technology stuff….so I have to admit to not ever having heard of this.
      I’m glad you like Five Question Friday, I get all the questions each week from if you’re interested in doing it too! 🙂 I think it’s fun and it also gives me a day where I don’t have to worry about what I’m going to blog about. Since I am doing the daily post challenge, sometimes I run out of things to write about, so with this, my reading day AND the photo theme, I have 3 days where it’s a little easier!


      1. Actually, I blog at now although I still use WordPress as my base. =)

        That’s right! I’m actually 25, soon to be 26 in November. =) I used to try to imitate BSB dance moves from their music videos too. =P TMI? =)

        An Apple Thunderbolt Display is actually an iMac display/monitor without the built-in hard drive and the rest of it’s components. I use a Mac laptop, so it would be perfect as a second monitor to give me a lot more visible working space! Are you a freelance writer as well? =)

        Hey, that’s really strategic to help you get out one post a day! Kudos to you for joining the challenge! I’ve never had the guts to, so I’ll live vicariously through you. =)


      2. I want to go back to 25…I feel like I am getting TOO close to 30 now…..LOL
        I just have a plain old refurbished Dell desktop….I would love to get a laptop ONE day , we’ll see!
        As for the writer part, no….I guess I’m just a housewife, my husband has been the one working since we got married except for a brief stint where I worked for the 2010 Census. Being a freelance writer sounds fun, but I’m not really sure how to get into that sort of thing. I live in a smaller city where jobs are not so easy to come by and the only one I have really tried for lately was to be a secretary….just because I love typing and things of that nature, but writing WOULD be more fun.
        Before the challenge, I would blog for a short while and then stop, because I would just lose the inspiration and then when I thought about starting again, I would always procrastinate because I’m bad at that. I just happened to be blogging at the time when I saw them have the Post a Day challenge and I just really felt motivated to do it. I thought, “Here’s my chance to motivate myself to blogging on a regular basis, I KNOW I can do it and here’s a challenge where I can hold myself accountable and there will be others doing the same thing.” So I signed up and have stuck through it. Some days have been perfect and others have been “ugh” where I just didn’t want to write at all, but I have always managed to get by somehow. I admit to having blogged ahead a time or two when I am full of inspiration but I think that still counts as long as I have a post each day, right? 🙂


      3. If you’re interested in freelance writing, you should start with content-creating companies like Demand Studios — everything is over the Internet, so it’s completely fine that you live in a smaller city! Right now, I live in a small city in the Peruvian Andes, but I work for American companies. Shoot me an email and I’ll send you my writing-related resume + an article I wrote on how to break into freelance writing! =) I’m leaving for a 4/5-day trip to the Peruvian coast tomorrow, but I’ll reply as soon as I get back!

        I love your drive when it comes to the blog challenge, Sharon! I’m a huge procrastinator too, but I love the idea of writing posts in advance! In fact, I think we *should* do that! =) I’ve gotta find someone to keep me accountable. =P


      4. Thanks!
        I think freelance writing would be interesting to try. Do you have to have a lot of experience? My only writing experience is doing this blog and of course, writing school papers through the years.


      5. I only started freelance writing last year, but I had some published pieces from before. =) I just sent you an email with more details and my resume too, so you can see what I started with! =) Sorry for the delay!


      6. That’s OK…Dayle sent me one the other day and I didn’t even ask her! She just did it on her own LOL 🙂
        You guys are so sweet taking the time to e-mail me things I need to know, I really appreciate it!


  2. We have a no shoe policy at our house. Besides bringing common dirt and germs, there’s no way I let my kids run around the house with their shoes on. They carry half of the playground sand or woodchips in there at any time! I often request they take off their socks too, since they’re as dirty as the inside of their shoes, and we change when we get home. When you have kids, I think you’ll have that rule too!


    1. Yea, I get why you would want them to take their shoes off. A lot of kids want to take them off anyways when they get home or at least, the ones I have known.
      As for me, maybe I will, who knows? I’ll have to either make an exception for myself or have another pair of shoes by the door that are “House only shoes” though cause I’d be miserable being barefoot all the time.


  3. Honesty in friendship is important… so i like that answer… Like you, I don’t know any of Justin’s songs or lyrics…
    Happy Birthday wishes coming to you in the near future… Do keep us posted on it. 🙂


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