To play along, just answer the following three (3) questions…

• What are you currently reading?
• What did you recently finish reading?
• What do you think you’ll read next?

What are you currently reading? I literally just finished “Escape” this morning….I had about 100 pages left and I just could NOT put it down until I got to the end. Even though I KNEW she had escaped, I wanted to hurry up and get to that part so I could hear the happy news of it and how her life was so much better now.

What did you recently finish reading? “Escape” by Carolyn Jessop with Lauren Palmer….WOW…I could probably go on for days about this book. The stuff this woman had to go through makes me feel so grateful for the life I have. It’s just horrific how this woman was treated by her husband, her sister wives, step children and even some of her own children, and the people who helped run the Fundamentalist sect she was in. I had already read so much last year in the book, “Stolen Innocence” by Elissa Wall(another amazing book!) and this book just exposed even more about how bad it was under the rule of FLDS with Rulon Jeffs going into Warren Jeffs taking over. So thankful they finally arrested that guy and put him away…..if you read either one of these books, you will understand what I mean. Just an incredible revealing look into what life was like for women in these communities.

What do you think you’ll read next? I think I’m gonna read “Little Earthquakes” by Jennifer Weiner…time for a chick lit fix! 🙂

I’m currently only 4 books away from completing my challenge of reading 50 books in 2011! Even though I have slowed down my reading some, I KNOW I will have no problem with meeting that goal and since I can change the goal, I’m thinking of increasing the number a bit. Do you think I should make it 75? or should I only increase it to about 60? OR do you think I shouldn’t change it at all and just continue reading regardless and be happy I passed my challenge goal?


    1. I knew you meant guilty, it’s OK!
      Why do you feel guilty for reading a lot? I think reading is a GREAT thing to do. I feel better when I’m reading than watching television…..I’ve learned so much from books, even if it’s just new words. Not that you can’t learn from some tv shows, but I think books are a great way to spend free time! 🙂


    1. Yea, in a way. This woman wasn’t stuck in a small room for years though, she was allowed to go other places, but she was put through physical, mental and emotional abuse for many years and brainwashed for a good many of those into thinking it was normal. It’s really sad to know stuff like this was going on in public view and still IS in many places in the United States and there are people in authority that let it happen. The police in her area were people IN her community so they wouldn’t help women escape. They believed it wasn’t their place to interfere with how another man runs his household.


    1. I was doing a review thing for one company, but I think I’m going to quit it. I like the books they have sent me so far but I hate feeling like I HAVE to read a book within a certain time limit and review it…..I like to just read w/e book I feel like reading at any given time.
      Good luck job hunting and I will keep you in my prayers!


  1. Wow congrats, that is awesome! I think you should do whatever you feel like doing. If you want to increase your challenge goal you can. Or you can just celebrate that you reached your goal and then read any other books you want to read at a pace that is comfortable and enjoyable for you. Either way and any way you want to do it will be great! You definitely do learn a lot from reading.


    1. Yea, I think I have decided to increase the number on my challenge BUT simply just for the fun of it……if I increase the number and for some reason do not make THAT number, there will be no issue because I will know I have already completed the challenge. Any reading past the 50 number I started with is just to see merely how much I DO read the rest of the year. 🙂


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