This post is coming after tonight’s Movie Awards and responding to a friend of my husband’s who mentioned something about the infamous Lady Gaga possibly actually being a guy instead of merely playing one tonight on the awards.

Ah, Lady Gaga, some love her, some hate her, some are so confused they don’t know what to feel about her.  She is definitely “out there” and unlike anyone else, I will give her that. As for the rumors of her being a guy, IF she was one, she is the Houdini of hiding that fact….She has had on some pretty skimpy outfits without any shocking moments, that I know of, anyways.

The whole argument has always centered around supposed photos passed around and who can really compete with that? There are little kids who are skilled enough nowadays to get on PhotoShop and give people different heads and bodies and do all sorts of things I don’t even know how to do. I’m sure I could buy a PhotoShop for dummies or Google PhotoShop and editing photos and learn, though. The point is, nowadays we are living in a world where people can take any person and realistically make it look like they are someone else or have a secret past. You read constantly about stories in tabloids that celebrities will turn around and state are “absurd nonsense” and who do YOU believe?

To me, it doesn’t matter. If a celebrity has a hidden secret and they are really someone else, I honestly could care less. I’ve learned to not assume that all photos and stories about people out there are all true…it’s easy to make up lies. I also think for a celebrity to make it without coming completely unhinged, they have to come to that realization themselves. We live in a world where it’s easier to prove LIES than it is to prove your truth. So what else can you do but refuse to respond to the lies?

I’m just a 27 yr. old housewife with no worries of tabloid gossip, but even in MY world, I can see where gossip and rumors can ruin lives and hurt. Even normal people aren’t able to completely escape what celebrities deal with. Sure, we have it on a much lower level, but there are still others who are going to judge you, based on your looks, your attitude, your face, your clothes, your lifestyle, your words, your character, etc. and decide then what they think of you and what they may choose to tell others. Just like in a celebrity world, we can choose to let what everyone is saying and thinking get us down and spend all our time trying to prove them ALL wrong OR we can do the opposite. We can embrace OUR Truth. We can decide that THEY don’t know everything. THEY don’t live MY life, they haven’t lived MY life. THEY don’t know everything that has made me the way I am today and all I have gone through in MY life. THEY only know what they choose to see and choose to believe.

So…by having this conversation, I realized that I can choose to do what the celebrities do when they are surrounded by lies and tired of spending all their time trying to prove everyone wrong. STOP trying and just be yourself. No matter how much you try to prove everyone wrong, you can’t. It’s just impossible. It’s a losing battle you can never win, so why waste precious minutes in a losing battle?

To all those in my life who seem to have misconceptions about me, go ahead and have them. It is not important that there are some who believe the lies when I, myself, will always know the truth. As long as I know who I am and I believe in myself and am happy in that knowledge, than what others think about that doesn’t matter anymore. They can believe the lies while I embrace my truth.


  1. I’m sure Lady Gaga appreciates people like you who can see through media BS and detect the truth – that some people tear others down just for the sake of their own agenda.
    Well-written post.


  2. Amen to that… the lies will always be there. She is all female as far as I’m concerned and Photoshop can do all sorts of things. I love your approach. It is the best one to take… unless the lies get malicious! 🙂


    1. Well, luckily, compared to what celebrities have to deal with, I have nothing at ALL to worry about in people’s misconceptions. I honestly don’t know how more of them don’t end up in rehab for nervous breakdowns. People can be so cruel!


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