That’s what I am titling THIS day..for those of you who don’t want to hear negative thoughts and live in a world where it’s ALWAYS butterflies and rainbows and you never feel sad, mad, angry or depressed even one minute of your life…..You may want to look away today. In fact, you may want to look away forever, because 100%  positivity and happiness is NOT realistic. IF this world WAS all full of good, let’s be honest…How would you know to be grateful for those good moments? The BAD times in life make you so much more thankful for when things are looking up. If I had never had the downs, I would never know how to enjoy the ups as much as I do, right?

So today is a Debbie Downer Day for me. It didn’t start out that way, but it ended up so. My redness from my allergic reaction has gone down, of which I am vastly grateful, don’t get me wrong. My itching has gotten a little better…BUT Mother Nature dropped other bombs on me today….

Nevertheless, I WAS happy about my husband getting his TV receiver changed for free to an HD DVR. He was so excited about it and had been waiting for 2 weeks…….the technicians got here late, but they DID get here. Then another bomb dropped….Due to a city ordinance we were unaware of, we couldn’t switch our dish to an HD receiver because it was a lot bigger and would have to be in the middle of the roof instead of the eaves where our standard one was. UGH! So…disappointed husband who I feel bad for cause he was looking forward to this….the techs. didn’t even bother to work something out.

So I then had to get on the phone to DirecTV and ask them about changing the order to a regular DVR instead since HD is out of the question as long as we live in an apartment. I hate talking on the phone, BUT I did it for my husband. Got things straightened out, but STILL not happy with the technicians since I found out they COULD have modified their work order and obviously didn’t want to deal with it. Now we have the regular DVR receiver getting installed 16 days from now when we had already waited 2 weeks…..and it’s not even ME that it bothers so much. It was how excited my husband was and then how sad he was when things didn’t work out. I feel like I let him down and failed even though he says I didn’t……

And I fear this disappointment is making my bipolar husband go into his depressive phase. He is now talking about quitting his newest job and just doing this other telemarketing job, which is still OK money but it’s just commission, whereas the new job was hourly PLUS commission. I told him to sleep on it, but not sure if it will even make a difference. One of the things about him being bipolar is giving up on jobs too easily, which is something I have always known and accepted, although it’s not the best thing.

~Sighs~ I am ranting here because I just need somewhere to do so. This may possibly be more reality than some would ever want to read but it’s what I needed today. If you’re still around reading my blog tomorrow, thanks for sticking by me even when I’m a Debbie Downer…I intend to make tomorrow a Ursula Upper Day(just made that up).


  1. Well done for trying and it’s really not your fault when other people let you down. There are some pointlessly annoying rules out there and people who seem to delight in enforcing them. I hope and pray that you get your Ursula day tomorrow 🙂


  2. Hang in there… we all have downer days and this was a certifiable one for you. I wish those techs hadn’t been so quick to close the door when they could have called in and modified the order… But they are on a clock and always seem happy to run off even when the job is incomplete.
    I do hope you can help hubby stay on the new job and not let this incident get to him too much… he might not like to hear this, but he is not alone. Good thing and kudos to you for following up with the company. You might want to call again and speak to a supervisor about bumping you up since you have already waited 2 weeks for this to happen… Might get you quicker service.
    Don’t despair, cheer up… 🙂


    1. I hope so, too, with the hubby job situation. I think he has agreed to stick with it, but I can never be too sure from one day to the next if he will change his mind. I just have to be happy in the moments that he does want to….and keep my fingers crossed that things will turn around on the other days. I’m working on finding happy things to make me smile in the midst of not so happy things. 🙂


  3. I am sorry you had to do all that, the hassles of today. Get my story… Sharon I called my perscripton in and they said it needs doctor ok well doctor is off work today so maybe tomorrow, but he med’s i am on is cash only no insurance, so borrow from sister, job interview on Friday, doing security, but they won’t give it to me….SSRI it’s like Paxil, and it gives me these brain zaps if I don’t get it…not a good day, then more problems…wont’ go into but took in a single mom and son, ugh helped them move her daughter all in one day. I am so distraut for them!


    1. Sounds like you’ve had some hectic times as well! Life can definitely throw some curve balls at you at times when you’re already at your wit’s end, can’t it? 😦
      I wish you luck with your interview and luck with getting the job! I also hope everything else works out for you with the medicine and helping out the mom and her kids!


  4. I do hope you are feeling better dear!

    Everyone is entitled to a Debbie Downer Day. They happen . . . such is life. Kudos to you for making the phone call for you husband. My boyfriend suggested I make a phone call for something the other day (I forget what it was) and I just stared at him and asked, “Have you met me?”


    1. LOL
      I definitely didn’t want to…I pretty much had no choice, though. Our cable is in my mom’s name because I didn’t have any credit yet when we got it and my husband has bad credit. 😦
      So they always want to talk to HER and well, she obviously doesn’t live with us and I’m not going to go track her down and get her to make the call… husband doesn’t sound like a woman so I HAVE to call and say I am her……I tried to get him to call once before and they refused to do anything without talking to HER.


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