Last Sunday morning as I was getting ready to come back from my weekend trip with family, my hands started itching like crazy. The next day followed and I noticed a couple of little marks, akin to mosquito or ant bites, so I figured I got bit by one or the other. No problem since who hasn’t, right? Tuesday, I went to the zoo with my friend and her little boy and still nothing abnormal. I showed my mom the bumps that afternoon and told her they were itching a bit and she thought it was maybe heat rash. There were a few more, but it wasn’t looking like that big of a deal. As the day went on, I kept noticing more and more little mosquito looking bites and they were getting redder. By the next day, I asked some friends about it and came to the conclusion that it might be hives. I had all the symptoms listed for that so I started taking some Benadryl and putting calamine lotion on the bumps. But as each day went by, it was staying the same and the itching was driving me bonkers. Finally, I gave in and went to the hospital yesterday to get it checked out.

The doctor immediately told me it wasn’t hives and the bumps looked like insect bites, but she wasn’t sure what kind. Since I am not around animals much and I had been around dogs a little, she presumed it could have been fleas that did it, but she also said I may never know what kind of bug it was. I was given a cortisone shot in my shoulder and told to take Zyrtec, which I already take daily for sinus allergies. For those interested in the outcome so far, the redness has come down drastically, but the itching is worse than ever at the moment. UGH! She did say it might take a couple days for it to get better and 3-4 for it to completely go away, so I am hoping it will be soon. No crossing fingers…I need them to scratch! Blogging right now is actually keeping me from scratching as much.

Anyways, my dear Mother-in-law called my hubby yesterday evening to inquire about me and what the doctor said. The first words out of my husband’s mouth were, “She has fleas.” WHAT?! <—–That was my exact response. I do NOT have fleas! Do I look like a dog to you?! LOL

I, of course, quickly jumped in to the conversation and explained what the doctor REALLY said. It was an allergic reaction to an insect bite.

My sister’s dogs frequently get flea baths and no one else in their house has been bothered with even a single bite lately, so I’m not so sure THAT was the insect. For all I know, it could have been an ant, a simple mosquito, a spider…anything…who knows? The doc herself said I may never know. I just hope whatever caused it never causes it again, because this “reaction” sucks royally. And that’s not just a pun if it was in fact a mosquito OR a flea.

I can’t help but wonder what other words of mine that my husband messes up in interpretation though…Should I follow him around to see?


  1. you know that sounds like? that sounds like chigger bites! they are SO itchy, it’s ridiculous! max and i got into them once on a hunting trip and i woke up for 2 weeks at night scratching—-which sounds a lot like i do now sometimes with the psoriasis–ROFL


    1. They look nothing like chigger bites….and I also find that hard to believe that it even would be…..the ONLY time I was outside in Austin was going to and from the from the car to the house and back and from a car to a store and back…..and I was in the city, not woods or country….so that makes absolutely no sense…not to mention I had like a few bites on Sunday and then more and more spots started showing up later as a reaction….areas that had no spots would show up a spot if I just scratched there…and spots disappear from one place and moved to another which is why I thought it was hives in the first place…….the doctor said insect bites because there was a center…a lot of the “centers” could have been created accidentally by me, because I was scratching and caused some areas to bleed and scab over, making them look like centers…so idk


  2. You don’t have to be a dog to be bitten by fleas. Dog and cat fleas actually find humans pretty yummy. I don’t think we have fleas at home (at least not right now) but I sometimes wake up with very clear bite marks on my ankles. Sometimes something will bite me in my sleep, probably some freaking spider who thinks it owns my bed. A few days ago, something bit my arm while I was awake, probably in my sweatshirt sleeve but I never saw what it was. I got a nice, swollen painful spot on my arm for several days. I really, really hate bugs.

    Glad to hear you’re doing better. Hope the itching goes away very soon.


    1. The redness is A LOT better, the itching is getting a little better but it still bothers me…especially when I’m sleeping. I know humans can get bitten by fleas also but I don’t think it’s all that common for humans to actually carry fleas on them, right?
      I mean, I’m sure it’s possible if I was living outside and really dirty and couldn’t bathe……but since that’s not the case, I don’t think I would actually HAVE fleas physically on me, carrying them around like dogs and cats do, right? I mean…I could be wrong…I’ve never raised animals myself…


      1. No, I don’t think fleas hang out on humans. Something to do with our type of body hair. But they will bite you if they have the opportunity, eg if you’re sitting on a couch or sleeping in a bed with fleas jumping around. I tell you, DEET!


      2. Yea, it’s just really strange then that no one else at my sister’s had even one flea bite, though….and the bed I sleep in is slept in regularly. My brother in law sleeps in the guest bed whenever he has his restless leg syndrome so he doesn’t keep my sister up. She put new sheets and everything on when I came and everyone else was sitting on the same chairs and couches as I did…..I just don’t know…..I’m just going to pray this was a one time occasion….


    1. It’s not chiggers….you can read the reply I left for Allison to see why I don’t think so…..
      Not to mention the doctor looked at my arms and I feel like she would have been able to tell if it were….I got a cortisone shot in my shoulder and the redness has gone away drastically, just the itching that remains and it’s slowly but surely getting better.


  3. you bet fleas bite humans. I used to visit a friend and I kept smacking my ankles and realized there were fleas jumping up on me and biting. I could find the buggers, but they were somewhere around from the pets they had! Let’s just say, I didn’t go to their house again…Argh!

    Lake Forest, CA
    **Down 10lbs in 2 weeks and week 3 is going GREAT! Looking forward to weigh in Monday!


  4. My daughter had an allergic reaction to flea bites several months ago. Luckily there was no itching, but she was broken out all over the place. I woke her up for school and then went downstairs to cook breakfast. She screams from the top of the steps, “MOM! I have red spots all over me! There’s 23 of them!” Yeah, she counted 😛 I was freaking out until we figured out what it was. Apparently, my nephew had the same reaction. Later I found out that a friend of mine is highly allergic to flea bites too. I guess it’s a fairly common allergy :/

    You should smack your husband (lovingly, of course) for saying you have fleas! What a man thing to say 😛


    1. LOL, I know, right?!
      I yelled at him and his mom heard me. She was cracking up on the other side of the phone. Then he corrected himself and was like, “I meant, she has flea bites” and then I yelled again and was like,”It’s an allergic reaction to an insect bite, possibly fleas!”
      Just like him to shorten everything I tell him…’s like playing Telephone, except he skips all the people in between.


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