Entrance to one of the Missions in San Antonio
The entrance to Purgatory?
Predator sitting above the entrance to Horror Room at the Wax Museum in San Antonio
My niece Lydia(about about4-5yrs. ago) posing by the entrance to a building at the Indianapolis Zoo
A safe way of entering a shark's mouth(My niece Hannah at IND. Zoo)

My WWW Wednesday for this week has been canceled. I haven’t got any further in reading any books since last week so I thought it would be useless to do one this week. Maybe I will have more of a chance to do some reading THIS week.


    1. LOL…I don’t think anyone SANE would…I was just trying to be silly with the picture. It’s just a cardboard cutout of a shark’s mouth that you CAN put your head through…So basically the only safe way to put your head in a shark’s mouth without losing it!


    1. LOL…well, I sure didn’t go down it! But it wasn’t in my directions anyways. I passed this sign while driving Devil’s Backbone(a stretch of road in Central Texas that has an awesome view). When I saw the sign, I just HAD to take a picture of it….I kind of wanted to see what was down the road, but didn’t want to get lost.


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