Before I left for my trip this weekend, I made 3 To do lists…One for what I wanted to take on my trip, One for what I needed to accomplish before I left, and an extra one for tasks I wanted my husband to accomplish while I was gone with an acknowledgement that they might not ALL get done, but as long as some of them got done, I will be happy.

My list making usually starts and ends with just before I go on a trip….I never used to do this until I got tired of leaving things behind a few times too many. Now I simply can NOT pack without a list and so far it’s worked splendidly. In fact, THIS time I added a few extra tasks to my to do list that I normally would have procrastinated on…just to give me a little more incentive to get them done. Surprisingly, I got them done and there was just an added joy from being able to physically mark the tasks as done…not only in my mind, but on paper.

So….I started thinking…if the “To do” list works so well with me when I do them before a trip….maybe I should consider taking the “To do” list to the next level. I’m sure some people consider making a list rather boring but I actually really enjoy it. I love typing things out and I love to make lists….in fact, in college for a few of my lab hours in Theatre, I took inventory of the costume room by writing down the descriptions of clothes and numbering them and I actually LOVED it. No exaggerations…I really found it fun….so maybe THIS could be a key to helping my procrastination.

I’m going to put forth a huge effort to make “to do” lists at least once a week of things I want to get done. I think I will try to also break it down into small tasks so it doesn’t seem as overwhelming…like clean the bedroom today, clean the den tomorrow or even just clean out the desk, to break it down even smaller. From there, I will attempt to follow my task list the best I can and see if it will make a difference or not. Maybe if I start out small, I will be able to get into a good habit like I did with blogging, and start to break away my procrastination for cleaning.

I think being able to check off each task and then be able to sit down at the end of each day and visually SEE what I did each day will be great for me. This week will start my “To Do” list plan and I will update everyone later on to let you know if this helped me at all.

In the meantime, do you think “To Do” lists are a good idea to get things done? Do YOU actively use lists yourself and does it work for you?


  1. Just be careful…I get so bogged down making lists that I actually forget to start them! I get this way with calendars too…oh, we should put that on the calendar- I get so busy calendaring that it stops me from doing other things. I start to calendar things that aren’t necessary!

    I love organizing. That’s why I loved office management. I was the one responsible for making the supply room a place you could actually find something. And the office running smoothly.


    I actually wrote a packing list for our month long driving trip last year and my husband found the hard copy for this year’s month-long drive. I found it so useful and thanked him (and myself!) This year, we packed smarter and less stresfully.

    Lake Forest, CA

    P.S. Know of anyone wanting to lose weight- follow my weight loss posts, every Monday. The program I’m doing, you lose 2-5lbs a week and it’s easy! (seriously)


    1. I’m not as good at organizing but I like making lists! I was able to finish everything on my get done before trip list…..and I came back to discover that my hubby did everything on his list, so next I have to start on my new list and new tasks!


  2. Oh my gosh, I thought you were going to announce you’re joining the 101 in 1001 challenge!!! Well, making a daily to-do list is a great start and it really helps. Remember, always start with the MOST important task, even if it’s not the one you want to do first. It’s the only way to get it done quickly, and you’ll feel so good about doing it that you’ll want to do more tasks, which will seem easy in comparison.


    1. Uh…no….I’m not quite ready to take the plunge of the 101 in 1001 challenge, but I DO want to try out my “To do” lists plan this week now that I am back from my trip! 🙂
      Great idea for putting the most important task first…..I’m going to try to do that!


      1. Good point…although today I am forced to empty my kitchen and bathroom cabinets completely for extermination day…so NOT what I would have liked to be on my “To do” list….which means tomorrow I will have to start putting everything back, which always seems to take twice as long!


  3. They are a terrific idea. Like you, I make To Do lists for my travels and for shopping and such. It helps me stay focused on what I planned to do… Plus checking the items/tasks off is fun. 🙂


    1. Yep….I can’t wait to start on my To Do Lists plans….right now, I seem to have broken out in hives…at least that description matches what I have all over my arms and legs 😦 Currently I am itching so much, it’s hard to do anything without wanting to scratch! 😦


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