My hubby LOVES to sit in bed next to me reading the news on his phone while I am usually reading a book. Frequently, he will read something funny or interesting enough that he will interrupt my book reading and share with me. The other day, I was not reading, but watching a show and he was reading our local newspaper on his phone. He then blurted out that two people got in trouble while fighting over a baby bottle. My first thought was, Seriously, people? Of all the things to fight over! Then I started picturing scenarios in my head…Was it two mothers at the store that needed a new bottle for their baby and there was only one on the shelf? But surely even in that case, they weren’t THAT desperate, right? There are many stores around here, even if we aren’t the biggest city in Texas. No scenario my mind could conjure up could explain any suitable reason in fighting over a baby bottle. In fact, the idea makes me think the ones fighting need a baby bottle more than their baby….acting like that in public is truly “acting like a baby”, don’t you think?

Later that same day, my curiosity got to me and I decided to look at the website on my computer and see if there was any more about this case. Well, it turns out not really. It was reported in our local daily police reports BUT I did find out it wasn’t just 2 ladies like I had originally thought. The report actually states, “A discussion over a baby bottle turned into a physical fight between a woman and her ex-boyfriend Sunday.”

Well, this is a cliffhanger…Did the woman get mad because the ex forgot to return a bottle or possibly lost it? Who knows? Sad state of affairs that a physical fight between a man and woman occurred no matter WHAT the reason because physical abuse should never go on BUT the fact that it occurred over a baby bottle leaves me shaking my head in wonder and frustration. Sometimes grown-ups can act worse than babies and in this case, I wonder what happened to the innocent child in the mix. I hope the baby wasn’t around to witness the violence.

Sometimes life IS truly stranger than fiction when you have cases such as fighting over a bottle….and you laugh at first over such a crazy notion, but it’s also a sad thing and a sign that somewhere are two “parents”, whether they are actually adults or not, who really need to WAKE up and GROW up.


  1. maybe they both wanted to feed the baby? or maybe one was inebriated and the other to feed the baby? Or maybe they disagreed over what type of formula to use? Or maybe one didn’t think it was time to feed the baby? i can come up with a 1000 different scenarios on this one, lol


  2. I have a crazy game when we are at a restaurant that we play sometimes. We watch the interaction of another couple, and imagine what they are discussing, etc. That is all made up, of course. I read the news a lot and wonder how people got into such situations!


  3. Perhaps it wasn’t really the bottle at all…it was other factors. Perhaps the lady found out he was having an affair and hasn’t said anything about it…perhaps the man is feeling trapped and doesn’t know how to provide for the family, maybe she is PO’d that he hasn’t gotten a job to care for the family. They might not have enough food to eat, and bills are looming…they could have a colic-ey baby and they haven’t gotten next to no sleep. No sleep can really put nerves on end and patience is slim.

    …usually, something this insignificant is really just the tip of what is stirring beneath…

    They just let it get out of hand, and probably don’t have the funds/insurance to go see a professional to discuss the true issues beneath the surface.

    Lake Forest, CA USA


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