Since I am not privy to the questions for 5 question Friday until late Thursday night and I am currently out of town and away from a computer, I will be delaying MY questions and answers until I return from my trip.

While you are anxiously awaiting my 5 question Friday, you MAY be interested in taking a brain grade test.

*You will be asked to create a user name and password at the end of the test*

After you get your grade, it will offer you training exercises that will help improve your memory and attention. This test was featured in The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, ABC, and NBC. The training program was designed by neuroscientists and provides detailed feedback . You can get a full brain workout in 10 minutes a day! Try it out if you’re interested and share your grade, if you’re not afraid. 😉

Unfortunately, some courses and games on their site DO require a subscription, but the free ones I played were quite fun and good training AND while I was looking around, I noticed they have some courses that target ADHD as well as help people with traumatic brain injury, people recovering from cancer and people going through Post Traumatic Stress Disorder….so this site, is a great one.

For those interested, I got a Braingrade of B….it seems the MAIN things I need to do to help my brain more is exercising more as well as eating more fish and food high in antioxidants. Things like blogging, playing board games, doing puzzles and having close friends are good for your brain and I seem to be doing well with that side of things. 


    1. I personally love seafood and eat it at every chance I get….some of it can be rather expensive though, but I would love to try eating more of it. As for my trip, I DID enjoy it, thanks! 🙂


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